Saturday, June 1, 2013

Yin & Yang

If there ever were two gnomes more different than each other, it would be these two. But does that mean this creates a problem? Oh goodness gno! In fact, just the opposite. Little Yin is a quiet soul who has a knack for understanding the garden around her. And Yang? Oh, this bold adventurer has gno problem making the most of each moment! And together? They are super compatible and can talk circles around each other in such a way that you can’t help but giggle. They compliment each other like the sun and the moon. How do they get along so well, and make it look so easy to do so? If you asked them I’m sure they would say that the secret is in balance. It’s a bit of “give” and a bit of “take.” More specifically, it’s about 99% give and 1% take, but these gnumbers don’t matter when they know with every little fuzzy ounce of their body that they are in this together. Together they can take on anything the garden sends their way, whether it be a dark gnight or a sunny day, or a wet storm or a dry spell. Together they are balanced. Together they complete each other. Together for endless seasons to come.

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