Saturday, June 1, 2013

Protector of the Tiny Treasures

Perhaps you have heard the saying that great things come in tiny packages? There is gno gnome who understands this better than this tiny lady, after all she may look tiny to you and me but she has a great big responsbility. She has been given the honored title of Protector of the Tiny Treasures. The title sounds impressive and the job description is gno different. It’s her responsibility to protect those items that are most beloved by one paricularly deserving soul. In this case, though the deserving child may look small to you and me and her beloved treasures may seem unimportant to the common passerby, only children with the biggest of souls, kindest of hearts and the greatest of potentials are assigned special protectors such as this one. And just what are this child’s tiny treasures of great importance? Why they’re her dummy and her blanket of course! When the sweet child has so much potential to fill, it’s assuring to know that there is a gnome who protects her treasures, making sure they’re always close by when gneeded. That way, the child is sure to grow into the confidence and self assurance of which she is fully capable and deserving. Like a Bird, she will spread her wings and fly!

Personal Gnote:
The name Ava means “Like a Bird”

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