Saturday, June 1, 2013

Once a Gnurse

You may gnot hear from this beautiful soul too much but she loves seeing what is happening in everygnome’s lifes, especially those of her gnieces and gnephews. But gnow she has reached a milestone and some milestones deserve climbing to the top of the mountain and shouting so everygnome in the garden can hear, and quite honestly this little lady deserves to receive some acknowledgment after all the care she has given to those around her. It has been 35 seasons since she started working at the Mid-Garden Healing Center and what a joy it has been!!! Lots of gnomes have come and gone, all of them dear to her and many like family. Her daughter was born there, as was her first grandgnomeling. She even married her Love in the center’s chapel! Many dear loved elder-gnomes took their last breath there, of course with her by their side as much as she was able. It’s hard to believe that a place could hold so many of one gnome’s memories, but alas the season has come for her to retire. She will miss everygnome dearly – it has been quite a journey. Gno doubt they will miss her in return, but they know that though she will gno longer assist those in gneed at the center, this little lady with a big heart will continue gnursing and caring for those in her family tree; for you know how it is – Once a gnurse, always a gnurse. There are still loved ones to care for and hugs to be passed around. Trust me on this one, the garden is a blessed place to have such a caring gnome in it, gno matter where she may be.

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