Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beloved Angel

If you were ever lucky enough to spend one moment with this Beloved soul, gno doubt you would know you were blessed. It's gno wonder she has such big wings. Surely she uses them to soar high above the garden looking for the one dear child who is worthy of her protection. I think I know just the right little girl. If one's potential to Excel were measured by the size of their heart, it would be quite apparent that this child is destined for greatness in seasons to come. She is the true meaning of sugar and spice. There has gnever been a sweeter yet sassier soul. The way she is attracted to angels amazes me. She is drawn to them and I know they are looking down on her all the time. As you can imagine, somegnome that special deserves to look over by the most Beloved of angels. And here's just the right soul for the job! She flitters from here to there, keeping an eye on the little girl, honored to have such a great responsibilty. This little girl is destined to Excel in everything she puts her heart to. And with angels like this to watch over her, gno doubt she will do just that.

The name Amelia means "To strive or excel"
The name Amy means "Beloved"

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