Saturday, June 1, 2013

Guardian of the Seedlings

There comes a time in every seedling's life when they're ready to burst out into the world and stretch as far into the sky as they can. There is gno way of telling just how tall any given seedling may grow but that is why this little angel's job is so important. She's gno ordinary guardian! This tiny winged soul is responsible for watching over the seedlings with the most potential to be sure that they have the right gnutrients and encouragement to reach their dreams of becoming great tall inspiring trees. Imagine that! Even a great giant wise old tree was once a small seedling who was excited about her future but yet just a wee bit anxious at the same time. Without this guardian by her side she might gnever had heard those tiny whispers encouraging her that she had the strength and courage in her to grow as tall as she wanted. And gnow? Oh my gnomes! This tiny Guardian of the Seedlings is watching over a sprout who has more potential than any soul she's ever known! Oh this one is going to grow tall. They say the sky is the limit, and gno doubt this seedling will test that theory!

1 comment:

  1. I love it! I am so excited....I love, love, love this one! She's perfect!