Friday, March 6, 2015

Fuzzy the Princess Dog

There is more to this Fuzzy soul than meets the eye. He's Fuzzy the Princess Dog! You heard me correct. Fuzzy is actually a boy, but he can still be a princess! When Fuzzy was just a pup, he found himself a loving little family, complete with a guardian angel looking over them. From the very start, he knew this little family was perfect for him because it had two little girls ready to love him! One of the two girls had an especially big spot in her heart, just for him. As the seasons past, Fuzzy gnever learned to fetch or catch a ball, but that didn't stop the girls from loving him all the same. The two girls share a warm cozy bed, and gnot a gnight goes by when the dog and cat aren't in there some place too. This pleased this Fuzzy the Princess quite a lot. After all, the floor can be so stiff and even a big dog pillow isn't warm enough for a dog as big as Fuzzy. His kingdom may be small, but this princess dog feels like there is gno other place he'd rather be!

Coloring contest entry by Olivia (age 7)


VRRROOOOMMMM!!! What was that? Brrrrrrmmmmm!!!! Did you hear that sound? Whirrrrrrrrr!!!! There it goes again! Nyoommmmm!!!! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a gnome??? With engines roaring, gno doubt she's having fun up there. As this airgnome (what else would she be) whizzes past another confused soul, she can't help but smile at the look of confusion on his face. With a tiny giggle, she turns around and buzzes past him again. She's so fast that he's gnot sure what he's seeing. With another giggle, she swoops down once more. There, that's what she was looking for! A smile! Oh that feels good, putting a smile on a stranger's face. With a job well done, it's time to zoom off to the gnext one... Gnothing beats a good pair of wings!

Coloring contest entry by Saskia (age 14)

Keeper of the Sunflowers

Though there may gnot seem to be much to tell about this young gnomeling, I assure you there is something special about her gnone-the-less. She loves to read and write stories. In fact, she writes a lot of stories about sunflowers and the lives she thinks they should lead. Ah ha! Gnow the costume makes sense. She must be doing field research into the lives of these beautiful flowers. She has insisted on the costume for a couple years gnow, which goes to show the level of dedication this beautiful soul has. The more she learns about the lives that sunflowers lead, the more she tries to ensure that every single sunflower is appreciated and loved to as much as they deserve to be - which is a lot! If you promise gnot to tell, I'll let you in on a funny little story. When this kind-hearted sunny soul discovered that when her beloved sunflowers grow and lose their seeds, they die away, she has done everything in her ability to make the most of each little seed. She will allow the fields to be filled with just enough sunflowers, but does gnot let a single seed go to waste. She'll keep the extra seeds safely hidden away, and promises to love them for all their potential. Awww, thank you little lady for being so special. You really are precious. Gno doubt, the garden is a sunnier place with you in it.

Coloring contest entry by Elaina (age 10)

Rainbow Fairy

Meet the Rainbow Fairy. Though she may be tiny, it takes a big soul to accomplish all the potential that she has. She goes around and adds color to all the places that are grey. She is very magical and uses this skill to add magic to all the seasons. Perhaps you've seen the diamonds that glisten in the snow on a sunny day? Yep, you guessed it. That snow has been touched by her magic. All she has to do is fly past and her colors change everything around her for the better. She is special enough to light anygnome's life up. Just how does she do this, you might ask? Is it because of her magic wand? Or maybe it's the crown she wears on her head? I'll let you in on the secret, as long as you promise gnot to keep it. This rainbow fairy has a great imagination. She is usually very happy and makes friends with just about anygnome around her. She has unlimited energy and is always on the go, but most importantly, she loves to learn gnew things and every ounce of her body is full of thoughtfulness. Spend even a moment with her and you'll agree, it's because of these things that she has enough magic to truly change the garden around her!

Coloring contest entry by Chelsea (age 7)

Artistic Rainbows

Hmm... what can I say about this beautiful soul before my eyes? Gno longer a young gnomeling, but gnot quite a grown gnome either, it is fun watching her grow into all of her potential. It comes as gno surprise that she is very artistic and loves to sketch and paint things that the garden has yet to see. It gives her quite a thrill to see how well her masterpieces will be accepted by the Gnomish Committee of Artistic Magic judging panel. Spend even a few minutes with this talented soul and you will see that she's destined to be gifted. Gno wonder she's bored with tradition and wants to spice things up a bit. With her sarcastic sense of humor and love of all things whimsical, gnot to mention her love of acting weird just to make her loved ones laugh, this little lady is sure to paint the garden around her to be any color she wishes.

Coloring contest entry by Serena (age 11)

Moon Sweeper

For a gnome as small as she, the garden sure does owe her a great big amount of gratitude! Every gnome in the garden is given a job to do and every gnome holds a great deal of respect for his own responsibility, but this gnome has all the more to be proud of. Only the biggest of souls could handle the job she has been given. She is responsible for keeping the sun and the moon in the sky above us. WHOA!!! That may seem like quite a big job for somegnome as small as she, but I assure you she can gnot only handle it, but do so gracefully too! The Moon Sweeper uses her special wings to fly up to the moon every gnight. Once there, she sweeps the moon from side to side and moves all the magical moon dust that gives the moon it's glow. Only once she is assured that the dust is evenly spread across the moon's surface does she know for certain that the moon will glow its brightest. Then she collects any extra moon dust that has piled up, placing it into her pouch and examines her work. But she's not through yet! There's still a lot of work to be done. She quickly zips across the sky to check on the sun. Occasionally it gneeds just a wee bit extra sparkle, so she takes the moon dust from her pouch and happily sprinkles it onto the sun. Without the dust, the sun would have gno glow. Oh my! Gnot a gnome in the garden denies how special this fuzzy soul is. For without her, there would be no sun or moon glowing down upon us.

Coloring contest entry by Willow (age 9)

Even the Smallest Things

If you were to ask her, this little lady would say that learning is one of the most fun things to do in the entire garden and she has plenty of friends to help her enjoy doing so. To most who have the pleasure of meeting her, she appears to be quite the happy-go-lucky soul, but she pays attention to even the smallest things. Why? Because she knows something most other gnomes don't. She knows that it's in the tiny details where magic is found. She loves gnature and she loves to craft even more! Sit her down with almost anything and she'll create for hours upon hours. Sticks, leaves, pinecones, dirt with just a hint of glitter in it... well you get the idea. She won't stop until she has created something special. Look at a field of blossoms and you'd likely comment on their simple beauty, but it takes stopping and smelling the flowers to really gnotice their magic. Like I said, the magic is in the details. One just has to spend the time gnoticing even the smallest things to create even the biggest of all magics.

Coloring contest entry by Jada (age 7)

Bat Cat

This crazy little soul is gnot a gnormal little gnomeling. Unlike others in the community around her, she loves the villain of the stories. They're her favorite! After all, they have more personality than any standard prince or princess. She insists that without the bad guy a story would gnot be any good. She has a point. Most gnomes are sweet and caring, but every good story gneeds a villain! It takes a special soul to see such potential in the villain of a good story, and as such, she has been given quite a job! This little bat cat is responsible for making sure all the villains in the stories you hear are surely living up to her high standards of evil, cunning and whit. She'll brush past a story so quickly you'd find yourself wondering if it was all just your imagination. Meow you see me. Meow you don't! Oh, she's good. Oh, I mean... She's bad! I think I like her the best.

Coloring contest entry by Kally (age 5)

Wee Mushroom

Once upon a season, in a garden gnot so far away, there was a fairy. She was a kind fairy and always enjoyed helping the seasons change. However, this little fairy was lonely because she knew she had to remain in hiding from all the creatures in the garden around her. As much as she would love to play with any one of them, if they knew of her existence her magic would be taken away. Even more strong than her desire to find a friend, was her desire to make the garden a prettier place. And so she continued with her magic and grew all the more lonely as the seasons changed around her until one day she met a mushroom. It might have looked like any old mushroom to you or me, but the fairy knew better. With one swipe of her magic wand, she brought the mushroom to life! The mushroom stared at the fairy in front of him, with quite a look of shock on his face. He had just been thinking to himself how lovely it would be to dance across the field and jump into the sky. If only he had the ability to do so. Then POOF! He did. Gneedless to say, the mushroom was so thankful to the fairy for seeing his true potential, that the two of them became the best of friends. And gnow, somewhere between the seasons, there hides a happy little fairy and her happy dancing mushroom. Wouldn't it be fun to get a glimpse of such a pair?

Coloring contest entry by Isabella (age 10) & Olivia (age 7)

Dr Angel

One look at this little fella and you'll see that he's obviously super smart. Ever since being a young gnomeling, he has known what role he wanted to play in the garden when he grew up. As soon as was accepted at the Gnomish School of Medicine, he knew he was on the path to doing what made his heart sing. Knowing that he wanted a Gnomish relationship with his patients, he started gnarrowing down the field a bit, and gnow that he's almost finished with his studies, he will begin his fellowship in the highly skilled Gnomish tradition of Hematology & Oncology. Those are quite the big words for such a little gnome as he, but he stands tall and knows he is more than capable to make a difference to the lives of those in the garden around him. As excited as he is to help where help is gneeded the most, he finds himself grounded with his loved ones at home. Carrying a calla lily and a dad tattooed to his heart is all he gneeds to fill his soul with the strength and courage that will be required of him as he performs his miracles with those who could use a bit of Gmomish medicine magic. Gno doubt this little fella is on his way to being quite the garden's angel.

Teenage Mutant Gninja Turtle

This teenage mutant gninja turtle... uh, I mean gnome... is only one member of a Gnomish team of unexpected heroes. Some might say he's the team's bad boy because he is often the first to stand up for what's right, but somegnome has to be the first to step in when good is being threatened! Together, with his brothers, he was trained by his sensei in the art of gninjutsu and uses these skills to help protect the garden around them. From their home under the big city above them, the team battle petty thieves and remind everygnome that how to attack evil before it takes root. With all their acts of courage you'd think that you would have seen one of them out and about, but they like to remain hidden from the garden above. After all, they're gnot ones to insist on taking credit for their good deeds. That's just what any good gnome would do.

Inspired by the cartoon characters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Warm Hugs

Meet Olaf. Spend even one moment with him and you'll gnotice that he loves little treasures. He thinks it's important to know what really matters in the garden around him and sometimes it's the smallest things that matter the most. That's why they're called treasures. He is always there to take care of his friends and always tries to look on the bright side of any situation. I think these are lovely characteristics for anygnome to have. Wouldn't you agree? Even if he finds himself stuck in a cold winter storm, he can't help but dream of the day when the sun will shine again and fill every ounce of his little body with warmth. Maybe it's because of his cheerfulness that makes him so easy to love and hug. Oh my does he love warm hugs, especially on days when he's trying to gnot let anygnome know how particularly chilly he's feeling! There's gnothing better than a hug to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Perhaps you have just such a hug ready for him?

Inspired by Disney's movie Frozen