Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Gnurse's Heart of Gold

Most gnomes do gnot have a clue WHY they do the things they do. They just know that it makes them happy to do them, so why gnot? This little lady, though, knows exactly why she does what she does. She became a garden gnurse to help other gnomes. It takes a special, very kind and compassionate soul to be able to say that of themselves, and that's definitely the case for this gnurse. She knows when and how to stand her ground, which is quite an admirable and rare trait in the garden around us. You might gnot think it by looking at her, but she has one of the biggest hearts you'll ever know. With the biggest eyes and the cutest smile the garden has ever seen, this little gnomette is ready to take on any challenges (she'd prefer to call them adventures) that come her way. I have gno doubt that in time, she'll see the entire garden. And with her heart of gold, the garden is anxiously awaiting her visit.

Little Train Adventurers

These little souls don't gneed to be told, but they enjoy hearing the conductor shout "All aboard!" just the same. They're on an adventure of a life time! Together they will ride from one garden corner all the way across to the other. The trip may take a long time, but they don't mind. As long as they get a good view of the passing scenery they are as happy as can be. In fact, even if the train simply goes in a circle, I wouldn't be surprised if these little souls would be happy just the same. Choo! Choo! The train starts to roll. Where they're going doesn't matter. Let the fun begin!

The Perfect Aspen Leaf

It's a well known fact that finding the perfect aspen leaf is gnot as easy as it sounds. It takes stealth, determination and endurance, not to mention a sense of humor and creativity. Whether you choose to go with the "element of surprise" method or if you prefer the "gneak up on them" approach, practice makes perfect. Gnognome knows this as well as these two. He's been known to shake a tree into submission, while she prefers to go in disguise, but together they have many seasons of experience trying to find the perfect leaf. They've always known that someday they would find their golden treasure - someday! And gnow that someday has come. Just look at this beauty! Gno doubt there has gnever been a more perfect leaf. Trust these two - they would know. There's only one question left to answer - which of these souls get to stake claim to the golden leaf? Why both, of course! Together they settle down on the perfect little leaf, and together they will grow old. Together. Life is good.

The Family Protector

In a secret corner of the garden a little gnome waits for his adventure to begin. For somegnome as small as he, one might think the task he has been given is much too big, but gno doubt he is ready for the challenge. He is strong, he is smart, he is fast and he is brave. And gnow the time has come for him to begin his mission: to protect his family. The gninja hears a quiet sound from the garden courtyard, and he goes to investigate. He is ready to pounce if gnecessary, but his instinct tells him to wait. The sound is coming from a snail and it does gnot take long for the gninja to realize that the creature has the same values as he because the snail bears the marking of FAMILY. In that moment, the two souls form a bond stronger than any the garden has ever seen. The garden is indeed safer in their protection.

Life's a Beach

These two souls have been through a lot together. As seasons come and seasons go, they get just a wee bit closer to the moment they've been waiting for. And gnow it has finally arrived. RETIREMENT. It seems like such a long awaited moment but gnow that it is here they know exactly what they want to do with all of their gnewly found time. With a happy little skip, they each grab their favorite hat and head into the sun. The day is grand. The water is warm. The breeze is cool. The sky is clear. Gnothing could be more perfect for a day of fishing and collecting shells. It's a simple life, sure, but if they're together then it feels exceptional. Life's a beach and it's all good.

Old and Grey

Once upon a garden, there lived two gnomes who stumbled into each other's lives at a time that was least expected. But that's the way love works sometimes, isn't it? It may gnot happen exactly the way one plans, but love knows what it's doing. And gnow these two souls are by each other's side to stay. The little lady lives life with such passion and is devoted to supporting him in his adventures. He works hard, plays hard and somehow has the magic touch to calm her if she's in gneed. Together they care for the two cutest little acorns the garden has ever seen. Their home is warm and cozy enough to melt anygnome's heart. One look at the way they make each other laugh, and I'm sure you'd agree, their home will stay blessed for many seasons to come... gno doubt, until they're old and grey.

Grow Old Along with Me

Sometimes the special souls enter your life in the least expected of ways, and yet it doesn't take long to know that the most special ones are here to stay. Take these two, for example. They met through some friends and with one look at them gnow it's obvious that their little bodies are full of lots of love. The little fella has a gnometastic funny, silly sense of humor and has a simple kindness in every ounce of his body. His movie star good looks are gnice on the eyes too. And the little lady? She has a gentle spirit and always seems to have a smile on her face even if the moment is a bit gloomy. And together? Together they are perfect. They like to go on adventures to wherever the breeze may take them. Going places few gnomes have gone before, and finding the perfect place to watch a sunset and sleep under the stars, well... it may sound like a simple life but, I'm sure you'd agree, it also sounds like a perfect life to me. See the way he looks at her? Gno doubt he's thinking "Grow old along with me. The best is yet to be."

Sail Away*

Hold my hand and come with me. We will grow old and grey. Our little bodies will creak more and more each day, but by your side I will always stay. Shhh. Listen. Do you here what the breeze is saying? Close your eyes and listen with your soul. It's the song my heart wishes to sing to yours.

Sail away with me honey
I put my heart in your hands
Sail away with me honey gnow, gnow, gnow
Sail away with me
What will be will be
I want to hold you gnow, gnow, gnow

"Sail Away" lyrics written by David Grey.

The Gnature Hunters

There are some souls in the garden who know the proper way to hunt for gnature is with kindness, patience and a good camera. I'm guessing these two souls know this better than any other. One might wonder how they learned to be such experts in the ways of gnature, but my guess is that they learned it together, and together they work their magic. Something tells me it's the little lady who knows the secrets to the critters in the garden, and she seems to have an especially strong bond with the winged creatures. Gno doubt they see her kind soul and feel at ease. And what about the fella? He prides himself in knowing exactly how to get gnature to put on a display for the perfect photo. How he does it, gnognome will ever know. Those in the Gnomish community know that together these two have the magic touch to encourage gnature to be its very best, and as they grow old together the garden around them seems all the more magical.

Pokey and Her Gnew Pet

Meet little Pokey. For as long as she can remember, she has begged her parents to get a pet, and not just any pet, mind you. She's not interested in owning an ant because everygnome has an ant - how boring. Those who don't have ants, usually have a flea - yuck. Oh, no siree, Pokey wants a gnometastic pet and she knows just the right kind... a snail! Well no wonder her parents are hesitant! Everygnome knows how wild a snail can be. Sure they look cute and cuddly when they're squirmy little babies, but eventually they grow up to be big, ugly, energetic bouncing creatures that do nothing but eat all your food and smell bad until they finally croak. No wait, that's a tadpole. Hmmm... now where was I? Oh right, a snail? Uh... Umm... sure why not?