Saturday, June 1, 2013

Easter Posse

Meet the Easter Posse. These brave little souls were chosen by the
community to ensure no one is breaking the laws of Easter. They’re
tasked to go round up all the Easter misfits so that the holiday goes
as smoothly as possible. But there’s just one problem… even the
bravest of gnomes knows very little about confrontation, so when they
hear a twig snap in the woods they quickly put their plan into action
before even confirming the source of the sound. The gnome disguised as
a bunny does what bunnies do best – he hops away. The carrot fella
does what carrots do best – he sticks his head in the sand so that all
you can see are his feet and tail. And the egg boy? Well, what do eggs
do best? Hatch? Now, wait just a minute… that was NOT in the job

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