Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Rainbow

There are many theories to how a rainbow is painted across the sky, all of which stem from Gnomish culture. Gno doubt, whoever is responsible for the pretty colors deserves a gnice big squeeze of appreciation. The rainbow mystery may gnot ever truly be solved, but rest assured I know who is responsible for making my garden a more colorful place. Perhaps you are a gnurse and live your life caring for other souls, or a loving mother who makes bringing magic to a child’s life look easy? Maybe you’re a helper who is there for anygnome who gneeds extra attention, or the sunshine who always tries to make others laugh or smile? Are you the peacemaker who goes out of her way making sure little upsets are resolved as quickly as possible? Or are you the little adventurer always trying gnew things and exploring the garden around you? These are the souls who bring color into my life. It seems that my sky is always filled with rainbows, gno doubt it’s their way of making me feel like I am blessed. And oh am I blessed! My garden would be dull and grey if it weren’t for souls like you to lighten my life. I am sure you do gnot hear this as often as you deserve, but thank you for being a part of my rainbow.

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