Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wee Artist

Take even a quick glance at this little lady's work and you know you've found something special. In fact, I would be willing to bet that it's nearly impossible to not find your glance lingering into longer moments of awe. Is that really a painting or is it a photo? How. Does. She. Do. That?! I'll let you in on her little secret. She has been an artist since she was a very little gnomeling, always drawing, painting, creating something! Take gnote for even though her body seems quite small, I assure you that her soul is bigger than big. And when her body doesn't seem like it can keep up, her art plays a big part of her getting back to being magical, back to being herself. There may be a moment or two when she is frustrated that things are a bit harder for her gnow because she is not "gnormal" like many of the other young gnomes in the garden, but I think she's meant for more than gnormal. She's extraordinary! Her personality brings joy and happiness to everygnome around her. Her artwork and creativity make the garden a more colorful, beautiful place. And when she smiles or laughs, it is like sunshine! She is going to continue to be amazing, gno matter what life throws at her. Gno doubt the garden is lucky to have such a beautiful soul in it as she.

Snuggle Puppy

Gnomish History tells of a tiny little corner of the garden, where a story started with gno show fairies. There was a lovely fairy house filled with lots of love and hopes of attracting fairies, but for some unknown reason they gnever showed up. Perhaps the fairies were shy around humans? One evening a tiny gnome showed up by the fairy house and he saw the true magic potential of this lovely garden corner. According to Gnomish History, he didn't hesitate in settling right into his gnew warm and cozy home. What a surprise! After all, it was a fairy house that was built. As the seasons passed, gnomes from all around the garden would flock to this tiny magical place. And gnow, after many Gnomish generations, each appearing at just the perfectly magical time (as gnomes tend to do), we meet Snuggle Puppy. Spend even a tiny minute with him and you'll know he's a special soul. He knows quite a bit about Gnomish History and has studied every aspect of Gnomish culture that he can! Like many gnomes, he loves the forest and knows where all the perfect gnome holes are. When he grows up, he's going to be a Gnomologist! Every true Gnomish soul understands why they are so very interesting! Yes, there is a lot in store for this little fella's future, but those closest to him know him best by his gentle heart of gold. He has an amazing ability to make other gnomes feel more comfortable if they're gnervous. And best of all? His gnuzzles! Thus his gname. There is gno other gnome in the garden who gives better gnuzzles than Snuggle Puppy! Gno doubt this fuzzy soul holds his own place in Gnomish history.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just Me and Gramma

Me and Gramma have adventures like you would gnot believe! I know with every ounce of my body that there is gnothing Gramma wouldn't do for me. We have so much fun and WOW what an imagination we have! She knows all about Gnomish magic because she grew up in a wee village where the gnomes roam free! She is the smartest gnome in all the garden! She knows lots of stuff like how to love the beauty of flowers, sunrises and sunsets. Oh! And BOOKS!!! It's her job to read the books and my job to listen, but one season soon I'll be big enough to read to her! My loved ones call me Hunter because I love to hunt out adventures. Gramma is my adventure buddy! We build things, play with farm animals, bake tasty treats, plant flowers (I bring her flowers all the time because I like her smile), even have sleepovers with movies, popcorn and the works! If there is an adventure we haven't had, gno doubt we'll do it before the season is through! My Gramma says I'm the light of her life, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I tell her I love her all the time and I can see that it melts her heart so I know she feels the same. My Gramma's greatest love is me and my greatest love is her. We are so lucky!

ET Faux Gnome

Meet E.T. Don't let this little fella's pointy hat and big gnose confuse you. There is more to a gnome than that! To be a true gnome, you have to be big in a garden that expects you to be so small. This takes lots of courage and confidence. When a gnome visits a corner of the garden, he always leaves it better than he found it. A true gnome searches for ways to make the garden a prettier place, whether that be from painting the rainbows and flowers or simply reminding those around him that they are loved. Spend any moment with a true gnome and you'll feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It takes a special kind of soul to accomplish all these things so it's gno wonder that this little fella wishes with every fuzzy ounce of his body to be a gnome in the garden. His own background is out of this world, and he tries his hardest to fit in. Try as he may, in the end little E.T. will have to accept that he has his own special magic. Those in the garden may forever call him E.T. Faux Gnome but gno doubt they still appreciate a soul as unique as he.