Saturday, June 1, 2013

Drop of Sunshine

Look what fell into my hands! It’s a little drop of sunshine! It seems that she showed her sunny face at just the perfect time because I certainly gneeded a good smile. Just one look at this tiny soul and I just KNOW without any doubt that she tries with every ounce in her body to make others around her feel warm and fuzzy inside. That can’t be easy for somegnome who is much bigger than her body, but she certainly makes it look easy! Every glance in her direction and I can’t help but catch the twinkle in her eye and suddenly it seems as though the entire garden around me is brighter. I’m certain the flowers are happier. With a little squeeze of appreciation, I tuck her into my pocket for safe keeping. I’m sure she’ll want to come out to play many times, but I can’t help but giggle knowing that I have my very own pocket full of sunshine. I hope she knows how bright she makes the garden feel to those around her!

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