Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wee Uncle

Such a wise old soul, this wee uncle has been tasked with perhaps one of the most important jobs in all Gnomish history. He is responsible for motivating the gnomes of the 13 Original Gnomish Colonies to reach for the stars and accomplish greatness. Such a challenge would require passion, perseverance and wit. Gno doubt this is the gnome for the job, if of course, he is ever actually gneeded. It should come as gno surprise that all gnomes, let alone those in the United Community, posess the desire to reach for the stars. Take one look at the beauty in the garden around you and you will see the greatness that the gnomes can achieve. Gnone-the-less, this wise old soul waits patiently for his talents to be gneeded, all the while cheering on his fellow gnomekind for their spirit and good will.

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