Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Magic of Pretty

The Gnomish community is always excited to include all their favorite things in everything they do, and of course gnomes just adore pretty things! That being said, it should come as gno surprise that the Gnomish Community has high standards for what it takes to be given the title of "pretty." They understand that being pretty takes more than just fluttering about with a friendly smile or an eye-candy appearance, though those things are fun too. If one truly deserves the title of being pretty, then they must truly make the garden around us a better place. When unexpected sad events happen, a pretty soul will combat the evil with acts of goodness as a reminder that love is more powerful than hate. And that's where the magic of being pretty lies - in order to be a truly beautiful soul, one must be pretty both inside and out. One must radiate love.

Soulful Delights

This little lady delights my soul. She is an energetic gnomette who loves to read (she is always interested in a good story), create projects (her imagination is beyond compare), dress up (I gnever know what she'll be gnext) and learn to be a chef (where she truly shines). Each holiday, she creates decorations and anything else that she thinks will bring spirit to all her loved ones. Gno one is missed, gnot even her stuffed animal friends, who can often be found with handmade outfits made of tissue, string and tape. I can’t count how many dresses she made out of Kleenex for her doll friends! I believe we may gneed to teach her to sew soon. Most of all, though, she loves loves loves to cook. She will stay in the kitchen and mix the most interesting ingredients together. She loves making breakfast for Grape Grandma and other loved ones. Last season, her oatmeal cake recipe won her a spot in the Gnomish community's cooking contest. She was so very proud of herself! And she has so many reasons to be! Gno doubt this big soul can be anything she puts her heart into, but of all the things she has told me that she will be when she grows up, being a chef has gnever left the top spot. Something tells that in the seasons to come, whenever there is a group gathered around a table for dinner, surrounded by laughter and loved ones, it will be her creations that fill their bellies and delights their souls.

Santa's Helper

Eveygnome knows that its the elves who get most of the credit for helping out good ol' St. GNick in his preparations for the Christmas season, but let's not forget to give this tiny soul a little bit of credit too. He has a very big job, even if it's one that often goes un-gnoticed. Sants often gets stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of work he has to do, all for a very strict deadline. There is gno option of slipping the date as the children of the world are gnot exactly known for their ability to understand the concept of a "workload." I wouldn't be surprised if this comes as a shock to you. Santa always seems like such a jolly old soul, but I think that is in large part because this tiny fella does his job so well. He's St. GNick's personal life coach. It's his job to cheer up the wonderfully generous man when he is down. The fact that Santa can always be seen with a smile on his face and a jolly laugh in his tummy means this tiny fella is doing his job well. Without him, Santa's entire reputation would be at stake!

Jingle Bells

Gnognome celebrates the holiday season as well as those in the gnome community. Their celebrations may be itty bitty by most standards, but gnomes understand that it's not the size of the decorations that matters the most, it's the size of the cheer! They know that as long as they are warm and cozy (a good snuggle or hot thimble of cocoa often helps), then everything else falls into place! The mistletoe and holly decorate the garden, but it's being with loved ones that really fills each gnome with a warm and fuzzy feeling. And you know they LOVE warm and fuzzy! The moment that everygnome looks forward to with the most anticipation is midnight, when each and every gnome carries his bell to join in the annual performance of Jingle Bells! It's such a glorious sound (not to mention a wondrous sight), I can't imagine a better way to bring in the holiday cheer.

Guardian Angel

I’m sure there have been moments in your life where you have felt challenged beyond your control. Sometimes it may seem that your little body is not strong enough to handle the tough tasks it has been given. That’s where this little gnomette comes in. This tiny little guardian has a very big job! And she loves every moment of it! She flutters around looking for just the right person to help, somegnome who needs a word or two of encouragement. The gnomette has now found a beautiful soul in need of her tiny positive thoughts and she doesn’t hesitate to get to work quickly. She whispers so lightly in her new friend’s ear that she is barely audible, but she knows that’s all it takes for a reminder of the spark for life that still grows strong inside. With these tiny little whisperings of love and hope we are reminded that we are stronger than our bodies may seem. Life is good. Life is beautiful, and with this little lady by your side, that’s an easy thing to remember

Addie's Slow Eyes (age 7)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Sea Calls Me

A Demigod's Hero

Chocolate Marshmallow

When the seasons turn throughout the year, there are certain things that are always easy to remember. When the leaves start to fall from the trees in the autumn, it's easy to remember to slowly sip a gnice cup of hot cocoa because it fills your tummy with good feelings. When the ground is covered in a white blanket of snow in the winter, it's easy to appreciate the sparkling diamonds glistening in the sunlight. When the flower buds start to pop in the spring time, it's easy to remember to appreciate the signs of gnew life that have such great potential of growth. And as the summer months get gnice and warm, there is gnothing more guaranteed to put a smile on one's face than roasting marshmallows gnext to a crackling campfire. The seasons will continue to change, and with them come many reminders to appreciate the wonderful small miracles the garden has to offer. If there is one thing that is gnot always easy to remember, though, it's telling your friends how much you appreciate them gno matter the season. And with that, my dear loved one, let me take a moment to tell you what you surely don't hear often enough. Your friendship is like the warmth from every season, wrapped into one wonderful package - a chocolate marshmallow that warms the soul and I'm so thankful for it!

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Three. It's a magical number. Together we can accomplish anything we put our hearts to. Without a doubt, that much power requires a lot of care to keep our hearts as happy and healthy as possible. One beautiful soul may gnever have thought being in shape could happen, but add a little music to her life and she can't help but dance herself into shape! It doesn't feel like exercise if she's having so much fun! And gnow, look at her! She feels like a hot gnomette gnow... and she really likes that feeling! Another fella knows that the gnumber one reason why an aging gnome gneeds to go into an eldergnome home is their inability to get off the darn toad stool! One gneeds to be able to do at least one squat to get off that pot! If there ever was a motivation to run and then run some more, that would be it! Having the stamina to continue doing the things he likes is just a bonus. And finally, the lady who is usually so focused on taking care of everygnome else, she gneglects her own self. She does like feeling healthy and peaceful... she has discovered the power of GNamaste. And she's more than happy to share it with those she holds most dear. Together, the three of us will continue to be present, be intentional, love and encourage each other so that together we may enjoy the many adventures life has in store.

The following poem has been printed on the side of the blocks holding the gnomes...

Brian F. Malarski

We sit hand in hand in hand
Time slips past our happy eyes
Three hearts beating in sync
Time has shown this love endures,
Each day we set the table for three
Time well spent with each other
Three hearts beating in sync
Time has shown this love endures,
Every night we lay side by side by side
Time lets our souls rest
Three hearts beating in sync
Time has shown this love endures

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Paw Prints

Have you ever met somegnome with a huge beautiful heart who sees the value in everygnome around her yet gneeds to be reminded of the beauty she has inside? There has gnever been a heart bigger than this beautiful lady, though she may be surprised to know. Her heart is so big that she opens it to everygnome right away, and is full of energy, love and light. She's real and un-apologetically herself yet doesn't realize just how amazing that is. Her soul is fierce - she will fight hard for who she loves and what she believes. She has a soft spot in her heart for animals and is rescuing a set of paws at every chance she gets, even if it leaves paw prints all over her. She is quick to help the wounded but simply forgets to see just how valuable she is, and deserves to be healed herself. Gno doubt the garden is a better place because she is in it, and if there ever was a soul who deserves great things in her life, it would be she. Ask anygnome lucky enough to know her, and they will tell you that she has left her own paw prints on their hearts.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Ellie's Buddy the Tigerwing (age 10)

Once upon a fairy tale there lived a Tigerwing. He loved to play in the grass all day long. He would leap around and roll down the hill, laughing the entire time. I'm sure it would have been a lot of fun to watch! He loved to play in the grass so much and for so long that after every day he would go to sleep, exhausted. Then he would sleep for a whole day before starting all over again! The Tigerwing had a lot of friends who would occasionally laugh and play with him. He had so many friends, and he loved them all, but his favorite friend was a little girl named Ellie. She also loved rolling and playing in the grass. They were like the perfect pair. Or, in his words, the perfect wings. Get it? Ha ha ha!

Though generally I enjoy writing the story in such a way that it really describes the recipient receiving my creation, this time I was curious to hear what my daughter would say his story would be. With only minor changes, I kept her ideas.

Tiny Spark

Some may say he's the feeling of electricity running from head to toe. Others may mistaken him for butterflies fluttering around the tummy. Whatever you may call him, make gno mistake there is more to this tiny spark than meets the eye! Gnot every soul is lucky enough to have him touch their lives, and that's what makes him so special. Ask around and you'll agree that he's a rare find, indeed! If he does unexpectedly stumble upon your path... which is how it often happens - unexpectedly... I would advise you to welcome him and enjoy his presence for as long as he's willing to stay. You may gnot understand why he chose you to share his magic with, gnor may you understand how his magic works, but there is gno gneed. Just take a deep breath... or two... or three... and accept that he chose you to share his connection with. This tiny spark just loves to play games and prides himself in the element of surprise, pushing and encouraging gnew limits. Chances are, the greater your reactions, the longer he'll choose to stay and play. "I love you." What was that? "I love you" What did you say? "I Love you." Say it one more time? "I LOVE YOU!" Breathe... such a connection is a powerful and rare thing. Cherish every moment!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Addie's Bob (age 7)

Hello I am Bob, and all that and all that. Blah blah blah. But who cares? This is about my story, not just about me. As you can tell, I'm an alien. Or am I a monster? I suppose that's up to you to decide. As you're thinking about it, I'll continue with my story. I'm a monster and I lived with all my other fellow monsters, all of which were very hairy. But I think I am the cleanest of the bunch! I always brush my teeth, comb my furry body and wash my hands. In spite of this, I was lonely even with all my sisters and brothers around me - 1,592 in total! So I set of into the forest to start looking for friends. I was thinking of names along the way. Maybe Violet? Or perhaps Fluffy? As I was thinking, I got so distracted that I accidentally bumped into a few rocks and trees. Ouch! After that, I started focusing and set off in a direction that a bunny suggested I take... Left to be exact. I kept on going straight, looking at my feet while I walked, one step in front of another. Then I saw a huge set of footprints and I followed them. Eventually, I bumped into a big leg! The big creature turned around and said, "Hello, I am Addie. Will you please be my friend?" Of course, you know my answer... Yes! You may say that Addie is a cute child with huge eyes, but I say she's the biggest monster of all! We're going to have quite the adventure together!

Though generally I enjoy writing the story in such a way that it really describes the recipient receiving my creation, this time I was curious to hear what my daughter would say his story would be. With only minor changes, I kept her ideas.

This is what Bob looked like before I made him fuzzy.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Ellie's Half-Cater (age 10)

The half-cater started out as just an ordinary monster. He was a kind and funny monster who loved to laugh about silly things like chickens. He especially loved cats. However, deep down he was lonely and he wanted a best friend. One day he meet a fairy out in the woods. The fairy had lost her wand and she couldn't find it anywhere! Even though the half-cater had only one eye, he was very good at searching for things. He found her wand in an instant! The fairy was so impressed that she granted him one wish. With such a tough decision, he had to think about it at first. He wanted a cat but he was not sure if his fellow monsters would approve. After giving it some thought, the next day he had made up his mind. He was going to ask the fairy to transform him into a monster-cat. He thought this was a good idea because cats ALWAYS find friends. And he was right! The next day he was wondering in the woods thinking about the friend we was sure to find, when he found a giant named Ellie. He thought they would be best friends so he asked her if she would be his friend. Of course, she said yes! She, too, loved to laugh at chickens! Besides, how can one say "no" to someone as cute as he? And they have been together ever since.

Though generally I enjoy writing the story in such a way that it really describes the recipient receiving my creation, this time I was curious to hear what my daughter would say his story would be. With only minor changes, I kept her ideas

Saturday, August 5, 2017

The King

Meet the King... well... **MY** King. Spend even one moment with him and it is easy to understand why he is so loved and adored by those who are lucky enough to have him in their lives. He's the only honest soul I have ever met. He lives his life on his own terms and encourages those he meets to live theirs as well. With his words of encouragement, he makes this life philosophy seem so easy and any limitations seem to melt away. There are so many reasons to love him, whether that be his brilliant smile, the way his eyes twinkle when he laughs his contagious laugh, or his love for life, but I fell in love with him because I became a better person after I met him. We will be together until the end! By adopting the principles he and his loved ones base their lives on, there is no doubt that the world around me is a better and more joyful place. So together, my King and I, his Queen, will rule this dream we are creating. And it's a good one!

Wind Master

The gnight is still. The lake is calm. The forest is quiet. All is silent. Then your eyes connect with his and it begins. At first it is hardly gnoticeable. A slight whisper of a breath, barely audible in the silence. With it comes a light breeze, a subtle interruption to the warmth in the air around you. He slowly breathes in. The breeze blows to the left. Just as slowly, he breathes out. The breeze changes direction to the right. Another breath or two and he moves slowly to close the gap between you, and without a touch, he breathes a bit deeper. The wind grows just a bit stronger. He inhales and you find yourself swaying this way, only to sway that way as he exhales, in sync with the wind. Every breath gets deeper and the wind gets stronger, yet the eye contact remains fixed and the connection remains without a touch. Gno longer calm, his breath is gnow tenacious, and following suit, the wind is mighty. You close your eyes and for a moment you think the wind might be strong enough to lift you off your feet and carry you away, if only you were to relax and let it. Just as you're sure your feet are about to lose contact with the ground, the breathing relaxes, and with it, the wind starts to subside. As quickly as it all began, the moment is gone and the air is calm once more, leaving you wondering if it was all just your imagination. If it weren't for the silent tears you wipe from your face, there would be gno evidence of the powerful magic that you just witnessed. To a gnovice, it may seem like he was controlling the wind, but with a slight smile and a twinkle in his eye, he wipes his own tears and corrects you... "Gno, gnot controlling the wind... joining it."

Monday, July 24, 2017

Fairy Sparkles

It's well known that every gnome in the garden specializes in a specific trade. How else would you explain the variety in magic you see in the garden around you? Whether it be painting rainbows across the sky, or placing dew drops on the morning leaves, we owe it all to the fuzzy souls and their creativity. This little lady, known by her loved ones as Fairy Sparkles, has been searching far and wide, across the garden, for inspiration to learn her trade. After searching for what seemed to her to be a long long time (she's quite excited to get started), she has finally found the perfect match! She wants to become a fairy door maker! With a hop and a giggle, she flutters to her new home. You may wonder why she has picked such a niche style of magic, but the way she sees it there is nothing better than building a door way between the world of magic and the world of children. Whether a child is in need of help conquering a fear, or a safe place to put things, every child can use a bit of magic in their rooms. Fairy Sparkles absolutely loves hearing the stories about why someone wants a door, but even better is the knowledge that the door has helped a little one so much. The idea of creating a special door that will only work for a child just as special, and the thought of seeing them happy in their homes must make everything worthwhile! Children may eventually grow far too old for fairy doors and fairies, but if you ask me, a home filled with love will always have a place for a fairy door or two, or eight! And besides, there's a lot of magic between now and adulthood. There's so much work to be done! She's so excited to become an apprentice door maker that she can hardly contain her sparkles. It seems they're getting onto everything! When can she start?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

My Garden

Oh. My. Gnomes. Just look at these two lovely ladies! Even though they were planted in the same corner of the garden, spend even just one moment with them and it's easy to see just how different they both are. While one seems plain like a daisy, the other is a little miss priss like a rose. The first adapts well to change, while the latter does not. Daisies are easy to grow and always seem so light-hearted and care-free. Roses may not be easy, but when they do grow they are as beautiful as can be! If you ask me, it all a bit funny but all in a wonderful way! They are the same in that they each know the other is the one gnome in the entire garden they can count on 100%. No two flowers could be any different, yet no two flowers could be any closer. Together they grew, each receiving the type of love and attention they needed to blossom into their own, and together they make the garden a better place, each in their own way. My garden is complete, and I would have it no other way.

Coloring contest entry by Heather

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wee Wonder

Don't let her size and appearance fool you. This little lady is stronger and braver than just about any other gnome in the garden. She understands just how important it is to always do the right thing, even if it is gnot the easy thing to do. If she is presented with an option to do something good or follow the crowd going in the opposite direction, it comes as gno surprise that she will she stand strong. Gnor is it a surprise that, in doing so, she inspires the others to turn around with her. You might gnot expect to know such courage from somegnome such as herself, and may wonder where her source of strength comes from. Pssst... I'll let you in on a little secret. What she does she does freely and with a clear conscience! With a heart as pure of hers, comes great power. May you always be aware of the strength you hold inside you.

Quotes from Wonder Woman pendents purchased from the craft store...
"What I do I do freely and with a clear conscience"
"Always be aware of your strength"

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Origami Owlette

Look at this little hoot! What a beautiful little owlette she is! As I watch her grow into her own self, I can gnot help but simply stare in awe. I am so impressed with her spirit and kind soul! No doubt she is a force for good and is always looking for ways to make the garden around her a better place. It seems that she knows just what to do to make a difference in the lives of those lucky enough to know her, even if that is a simple smile or a kind word of encouragement. She has the magic touch and certainly lives her life with as much sparkle as possible! She loves with every ounce of her little body. She may gnot realize this, being as small as she is, but she is an inspiration to even the elder gnomes around her. Gno doubt she has what it takes to reach her dreams and dream big she does! The garden is a better place with this wise soul in it, and there is gnothing I enjoy more than to watch her love, shine and grow.

This gnome was made for a little Owlette working for Origami Owl, a company that focuses on being a Force for good, to live Sparkly. Their mottos are Love, Shine, Grow. Their mission is TO BE A FORCE FOR GOOD; TO LOVE, inspire + MOTIVATE PEOPLE OF ALL AGES TO REACH THEIR dreams + empower THEM TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF OTHERS


You may gnot think it by looking at him gnow, but this brave little soul came from very humble beginnings. There was once a time when he didn't believe he deserved much more than a small cupboard under the stairs to call his own, but look at him gnow! Gno doubt every ounce of his body is full of courage, chivalry, and determination. These things give him the magic to stand up for what's right and to gnot be intimidated by anything bad that may try to squeeze into his little corner of the garden. You may be asking yourself why he hasn't always been known to be so brave. Wanna know what I think? I think it's because he finally found a set of friends who believed in him. The magic of friendship can be powerful stuff. Gnothing can hold him back gnow!

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Purr-fect Life

Spend even one tender moment with a cat and you'll be hooked, but open your heart to many cats and your life will gnever be the same again! Loving so many at the same time isn't for everygnome, that's for sure, but for this big hearted soul, it seemed like the purr-fect choice. Her life revolves around her cats. Each cat is so independent yet has a personality all of his own! While one may sit atop of a high perch, looking down (likely both literally and figuratively, if you ask me) upon those below him, another feisty boy is filled with so much energetic curiosity that it's gnearly impossible to take a photo of all his cuteness! And even another seems to prefer dog toys, though I doubt he'd be willing to admit to it. It's hilarious! It's so wonderful how easily a fuzzy friend can calm even the most stressed of souls and there is gnothing better than a kitty sleeping on your pillow and purring away. Though, I admit, it would be gnice if they liked to sleep in. Unfortunately, without fail, they wake in the wee hours of the morning and the zoomies commence. Yes, you heard me... A cat will zoom around the house, zooming here and then zooming there. Eventually there is zooming all over you, and even up to your face for a kiss before zooming away again. I'm gnot sure why having so many kitties makes this soul so happy, but I can honestly say I'm gnot surprised. After all, when a cat loves somegnome, it's by choice gnot by design. And so, it's gno wonder that so many kitties have chosen this fuzzy soul to love. With a heart as big as hers, I can gnot say I blame them!

All the Small Things

If there is one thing everygnome understands, it's that the physics of karma work like this: small acts of kindness lead to great rewards. Don't ask me to explain how, but if you just take a moment to watch this little lady, it won't be long before it all makes sense. It seems that everywhere she turns, she is coming up with new ways to bring a smile to somegnome's face. And by the way she helps those who are less fortunate, it's obvious that this little gnomette is rich on life. She just radiates happiness and I can't help but believe that it must be contagious. Those whose lives she has touched know that they were blessed by her kindness. As for me, I know she makes the garden all the more vibrant. Thank you, little lady. Thank you for all the small things you do.

Monday, July 10, 2017

A Home for a Hoot

There once lived a fuzzy soul with a heart bigger than big, who happened to be in gneed of a good home, and so she searched for the perfect little gnest to call her own. It seemed to take such a long time to find a place that was just right, and she was beginning to wonder when the process would end. Then out of the blue, this little lady stumbled upon a fluffy winged friend who seemed to be hurt and in gneed of care. She wasn't expecting to find a gnew friend, but she loves owls. She always has. Perhaps her love for all birds started with the corner of the garden where her eldergnomes lived - it was filled with birds galore! From this love, she has filled her life with birds, volunteering to help take care of the baby birds who fell out of gnests or injured birds. She absolutely adored watching owls lay their eggs, watch them hatch, grow up, learn to fly, until they were finally able to leave. Her loved ones thought she was crazy for that, but she knew something they did gnot. Owls are family love. Owls are freedom. Owls are fierce. Every part about them is interesting and fascinating. Owls are magical. Owls are home. As such, it goes without saying that it is perfect that she has found this fluffy gnew friend. She may gnot know if she can explain it, but he is what she gneeds. He is going to make everything good and right. Together, they are going to make a house a home.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tiny Tickles

Do you hear that tiny little giggle? I just love that sound! It must be coming from this little sprite, and I can gnow see why. It looks like she's got a little ladybug running all over her, trying to tickle the daylights out of her! Ladybugs just adore her, and that can only mean one thing - she has a kind soul and is compassionate, uplifting and absolutely loves to laugh. Doesn't it just make you want to spend more time with her? Don't worry, that's the effect she has on everygnome.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Worm Wrangler

You wouldn't know it by looking at him now, but this brave soul was once afraid of worms! You heard me. Worms. He wasn't just afraid of the slimy sly creatures, they terrified the wiggles right out of him. For a while it seemed as though all hope was lost. After all, how would a gnome get anything at all done in the garden if he was afraid of worms? Worms, of all things?! There is not a garden out there without worms! I'm not sure what happened, perhaps he would be willing to tell you the story, but one day he decided that he was not going to let his fear run his life. He puffed up his tiny body with as much courage as he could muster and went out to face his worm. Much to his surprise, it turned out that he had a wonderful talent for capturing and taming the beasts. Who would have thought that the very thing that scared him as a gnomeling would end up being his life calling? Go figure. I can't help but tip my hat at that.

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Sweet Life

This is the sweet life. There is gno doubt that the gnomes understand how to appreciate the simple things in life, and there is gnognome who is better at making life just a bit sweeter everyday than this little lady. It's hard to say just how she does it, but she makes it look so easy. Whether it be casting a friendly smile or trying to get a loved one to laugh, she always seems to be thinking of the gnext thing to do to brighten one's day. Pssst... I'll let you in on little secret. If you ask me, the reason she is able to make it look so easy is that she believes with every ounce of her body that life is too short to do anything other than make the most of it. Every juicy bite she takes out of life gives her the joyfully magnetic personality that everygnome is attracted to. The more she loves the sweet life, the more difficult it is for other gnomes around her to stop from smiling. Life is good, and gno doubt the garden is a sweeter place with this soul to share it with.

Blowing in the Breeze

Shhh... Listen. Do you hear the breeze? I do! It gnever ceases to amaze me the strength that some gnomes have. Some gnomes live so much bigger than their bodies let them and they are so strong for it. There is one gnomette who is particularly gnomazing when it comes to turning a challenge into a beautiful opportunity. She always seems to enjoy the breeze as it blows past her, instead of expecting it to knock her down. Take a look at what she has done with the wind that comes her way! She has turned that wind into a beautiful excuse to dance! Spinning around as the blossoms blow around her tiny body, she can gnot help but smile even if just for a moment. As the breeze dies down, she knows she is strong and can handle whatever blows her way. Such a beautiful soul she is and gno doubt others in the garden can learn a thing or two about how to make the best of even the windiest of days.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Wee Coo Coo

Gno doubt the gnomes in the garden are known for their whimsical, if gnot sometimes gnutty, personalities but this timely soul has definitely earned the title of "coo coo" by the Gnomish Counsel. It seems that he is always scurrying about, rushing from here and dashing over there. Some gnomes may look at his busy day and think he is always in a hurry to get things done. All that rushing must gnot be any fun. All anygnome has to do is live and die, but he's in a hurry and they don't know why. I'll let you in on a little secret... He has a very important job to do! He's in charge of making sure all the gears in the town's clock are working in tip-top condition. If even the slightest thing goes awry, who knows what may happen! Thank goodness this fellow has it all covered so that we don't gneed to worry. And if you were to take the time to ask him, I'm sure he would say he loves every second of it! Life is too short to waste time on anything other than what you love to do.

Lyrics from the song "I'm in a Hurry" by Alabama -
I'm in a hurry to get things done
Oh I rush and rush until life's no fun
All I really gotta do is live and die
But I'm in a hurry and don't know why.

Coloring contest entry by Pamela

Friday, June 30, 2017

Guardians of Down Under

Every corner of the garden gneeds its set of guardians to keep an eye out for the fluffy creatures and fuzzy beasts that inhabit it, and the Garden Down Under is gno exception. In fact, this corner of the garden may just require the most elite of all the gnomish guardians to keep its creatures safe because they're extra special. It used to be thought that Emus had a curious look, but gnow the Gnomish Counsel has decided they have a confused look. Emus are gnot exactly the brightest... so it will take a particularly wise soul to help them gnavigate their surroundings and focus on doing whatever it is that emus do best. And koalas? Well don't they just look like a cuddly teddy-bear?? Don't let that confuse you. They are very elusive, hiding high in the trees watching down over everything. They're going to require somegnome who is skilled at doing much the same. The requirements for the positions are tough to meet, but I am gnot surprised that the Gnomish Counsel has found the perfect pair for the job!

Coloring contest entry by Michelle.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Tooth Snatcher

I'm certain you've heard of Tabitha Tooth Fairy, but did you know she has some helpers? As you can imagine, she's quite busy collecting the lost teeth from children around the world. This would gnot be a problem if every tooth came peacefully and quietly in the gnight, but that doesn't always happen. Every gnow and then Tabitha is challenged by a sweet pearly tooth that, for one reason or another, doesn't seem to want to go home with her. This only happens when a child is so uniquely special, kind and imaginative that gnot even his teeth want to leave his side. Imagine that! Some teeth go to great extremes to hide in super secretive little corner gnooks, hoping Tabitha doesn't spot them. When this happens, she knows just who to call - her trusty friend, the tooth snatcher. He knows how to deal with such stubborn teeth. It's gnot easy to sneak up on a tooth while remaining undetected by the child sleeping close by. It takes strength, acrobatic agility, wit and patience. Yes, all that skill is gneeded, but one look at the child and you can see why his little tooth may hesitate to leave his side.

The Sweet Life

This is the sweet life. There is gno doubt that the gnomes understand how to appreciate the simple things in life, and there is gnognome who is better at making life just a bit sweeter everyday than this little lady. It's hard to say just how she does it, but she makes it look so easy. Whether it be casting a friendly smile or trying to get a loved one to laugh, she always seems to be thinking of the gnext thing to do to brighten one's day. Pssst... I'll let you in on little secret. If you ask me, the reason she is able to make it look so easy is that she believes with every ounce of her body that life is too short to do anything other than make the most of it. Every juicy bite she takes out of life gives her the joyfully magnetic personality that everygnome is attracted to. The more she loves the sweet life, the more difficult it is for other gnomes around her to stop from smiling. Life is good, and gno doubt the garden is a sweeter place with this soul to share it with.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Gnomish Totem

Oh My Gnomes! Have you ever seen a giggle of gnomes have so much fun? These wee ones are trying their very best to be as tall as they can be. "Why?" you may ask. Well, they're creating a Gnomish totem pole, of course! There are so many types of animals in the garden and these little souls want to love them all! What better way to honor the furry critters and fluffy beasts than with a tall totem pole? It's tough to decide which animals to honor, but the Gnomish community would say, "the more, the better!" Just how many animals can fit into a single totem? Who knows, but perhaps there's room for just one more? Regardless, such a feat will take patience, stability, bravery and an ounce or two of luck. Once the tower of gnomes is complete, gno gnome moves. They barely even dare to breathe! Wait, what's this? Oh dear... it's a ladybug looking to join in on the fun. Whoa! Careful gnow! Easy does it! And... voila! The totem is complete!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My Beautiful Butterfly

Spend even one moment with this beautiful soul and it's easy to tell that she's quite unique! Gno doubt she loves with every ounce of her body, and those closest to her gnever doubt the love she has for them. She thrives on taking care of loved ones in her gnest and always seems to be fluttering around doing gnice little things for them. It's just who she is. It's all the subtle things - coffee made in the morning; all my things on the table waiting for me when I leave. It's gnot stuff I can't do myself, but it's really sweet and she wouldn't be happy if I didn't let her do it. If you ask me, there is gnothing more beautiful than this butterfly being happy. Though I admit, it's a little freakish how she's a total savant when it comes to knowing where things are. She flutters throughout the garden and sees EVERYTHING. "Huh, that's weird, what did I do with my toadstool?" I might say. She'll likely reply, "Take a look halfway down the stream, back behind the second rock, down in the meadow clearing... I saw it there this morning when I was feeding the snails. I don't know how she manages to do it! I love her for simply being HER, and gnot because of anything she does for me. I just love her simply because she's a good soul who fills this garden with an endless supply of love for anygnome lucky enough to know her.