Friday, August 11, 2017

Ellie's Buddy the Tigerwing (age 10)

Once upon a fairy tale there lived a Tigerwing. He loved to play in the grass all day long. He would leap around and roll down the hill, laughing the entire time. I'm sure it would have been a lot of fun to watch! He loved to play in the grass so much and for so long that after every day he would go to sleep, exhausted. Then he would sleep for a whole day before starting all over again! The Tigerwing had a lot of friends who would occasionally laugh and play with him. He had so many friends, and he loved them all, but his favorite friend was a little girl named Ellie. She also loved rolling and playing in the grass. They were like the perfect pair. Or, in his words, the perfect wings. Get it? Ha ha ha!

Though generally I enjoy writing the story in such a way that it really describes the recipient receiving my creation, this time I was curious to hear what my daughter would say his story would be. With only minor changes, I kept her ideas.

Tiny Spark

Some may say he's the feeling of electricity running from head to toe. Others may mistaken him for butterflies fluttering around the tummy. Whatever you may call him, make gno mistake there is more to this tiny spark than meets the eye! Gnot every soul is lucky enough to have him touch their lives, and that's what makes him so special. Ask around and you'll agree that he's a rare find, indeed! If he does unexpectedly stumble upon your path... which is how it often happens - unexpectedly... I would advise you to welcome him and enjoy his presence for as long as he's willing to stay. You may gnot understand why he chose you to share his magic with, gnor may you understand how his magic works, but there is gno gneed. Just take a deep breath... or two... or three... and accept that he chose you to share his connection with. This tiny spark just loves to play games and prides himself in the element of surprise, pushing and encouraging gnew limits. Chances are, the greater your reactions, the longer he'll choose to stay and play. "I love you." What was that? "I love you" What did you say? "I Love you." Say it one more time? "I LOVE YOU!" Breathe... such a connection is a powerful and rare thing. Cherish every moment!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Addie's Bob (age 7)

Hello I am Bob, and all that and all that. Blah blah blah. But who cares? This is about my story, not just about me. As you can tell, I'm an alien. Or am I a monster? I suppose that's up to you to decide. As you're thinking about it, I'll continue with my story. I'm a monster and I lived with all my other fellow monsters, all of which were very hairy. But I think I am the cleanest of the bunch! I always brush my teeth, comb my furry body and wash my hands. In spite of this, I was lonely even with all my sisters and brothers around me - 1,592 in total! So I set of into the forest to start looking for friends. I was thinking of names along the way. Maybe Violet? Or perhaps Fluffy? As I was thinking, I got so distracted that I accidentally bumped into a few rocks and trees. Ouch! After that, I started focusing and set off in a direction that a bunny suggested I take... Left to be exact. I kept on going straight, looking at my feet while I walked, one step in front of another. Then I saw a huge set of footprints and I followed them. Eventually, I bumped into a big leg! The big creature turned around and said, "Hello, I am Addie. Will you please be my friend?" Of course, you know my answer... Yes! You may say that Addie is a cute child with huge eyes, but I say she's the biggest monster of all! We're going to have quite the adventure together!

Though generally I enjoy writing the story in such a way that it really describes the recipient receiving my creation, this time I was curious to hear what my daughter would say his story would be. With only minor changes, I kept her ideas.

This is what Bob looked like before I made him fuzzy.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Ellie's Half-Cater (age 10)

The half-cater started out as just an ordinary monster. He was a kind and funny monster who loved to laugh about silly things like chickens. He especially loved cats. However, deep down he was lonely and he wanted a best friend. One day he meet a fairy out in the woods. The fairy had lost her wand and she couldn't find it anywhere! Even though the half-cater had only one eye, he was very good at searching for things. He found her wand in an instant! The fairy was so impressed that she granted him one wish. With such a tough decision, he had to think about it at first. He wanted a cat but he was not sure if his fellow monsters would approve. After giving it some thought, the next day he had made up his mind. He was going to ask the fairy to transform him into a monster-cat. He thought this was a good idea because cats ALWAYS find friends. And he was right! The next day he was wondering in the woods thinking about the friend we was sure to find, when he found a giant named Ellie. He thought they would be best friends so he asked her if she would be his friend. Of course, she said yes! She, too, loved to laugh at chickens! Besides, how can one say "no" to someone as cute as he? And they have been together ever since.

Though generally I enjoy writing the story in such a way that it really describes the recipient receiving my creation, this time I was curious to hear what my daughter would say his story would be. With only minor changes, I kept her ideas

Saturday, August 5, 2017

The King

Meet the King... well... **MY** King. Spend even one moment with him and it is easy to understand why he is so loved and adored by those who are lucky enough to have him in their lives. He's the only honest soul I have ever met. He lives his life on his own terms and encourages those he meets to live theirs as well. With his words of encouragement, he makes this life philosophy seem so easy and any limitations seem to melt away. There are so many reasons to love him, whether that be his brilliant smile, the way his eyes twinkle when he laughs his contagious laugh, or his love for life, but I fell in love with him because I became a better person after I met him. We will be together until the end! By adopting the principles he and his loved ones base their lives on, there is no doubt that the world around me is a better and more joyful place. So together, my King and I, his Queen, will rule this dream we are creating. And it's a good one!

Wind Master

The gnight is still. The lake is calm. The forest is quiet. All is silent. Then your eyes connect with his and it begins. At first it is hardly gnoticeable. A slight whisper of a breath, barely audible in the silence. With it comes a light breeze, a subtle interruption to the warmth in the air around you. He slowly breathes in. The breeze blows to the left. Just as slowly, he breathes out. The breeze changes direction to the right. Another breath or two and he moves slowly to close the gap between you, and without a touch, he breathes a bit deeper. The wind grows just a bit stronger. He inhales and you find yourself swaying this way, only to sway that way as he exhales, in sync with the wind. Every breath gets deeper and the wind gets stronger, yet the eye contact remains fixed and the connection remains without a touch. Gno longer calm, his breath is gnow tenacious, and following suit, the wind is mighty. You close your eyes and for a moment you think the wind might be strong enough to lift you off your feet and carry you away, if only you were to relax and let it. Just as you're sure your feet are about to lose contact with the ground, the breathing relaxes, and with it, the wind starts to subside. As quickly as it all began, the moment is gone and the air is calm once more, leaving you wondering if it was all just your imagination. If it weren't for the silent tears you wipe from your face, there would be gno evidence of the powerful magic that you just witnessed. To a gnovice, it may seem like he was controlling the wind, but with a slight smile and a twinkle in his eye, he wipes his own tears and corrects you... "Gno, gnot controlling the wind... joining it."