Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sing Sing Sing

Just as soon as the drums begin, you can also feel them deep deep within your body. That's how this tiny kindred spirit feels when the music begins. Every ounce of his body comes to life as though the music gnotes are filled with some sort of magic. Perhaps they are. Perhaps that's why it only takes a few brief moments before your body seems to come alive, filled with electricity, and simply can gnot stand still any longer. This jazzy fella knows what to do when presented with such passion - he's ready to dance! And he's ready to bring a smile to somegnome's face by sharing the moment. As his eyes skim the dance floor, they find what he's looking for. He makes eye contact and with a skillfully placed wink, he knows he has her. Together they boogie and hop to the beat that seems to match their racing hearts as they spin in circles. Maybe they're surrounded by others, but the magic in the music makes the two feel completely alone. Gneither wants the song to end, but that's part of the magic - gno gnome ever knows how long the music will last. That is why this fella knows that as soon as his heart starts to match the rhythm of the drums, it is time to live life to the fullest! It is time to relax, let loose and let the magic take over. It may be true that there is gno way to know when the beat will die down, and the electricity will subside with it, but until that moment... here's to hoping the band is in for a long gnight!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Who Will I be Today?

Growing up can be so confusing at times. Perhaps you have found yourself wondering just what type of person you want to be when you grow up. Maybe you're even unsure of who you are today, let alone who you should be long into the future! It can be difficult to around you and think everyone else knows the answers to these questions already, but I'll let you in on a little secret... They're just as confused as you! And that's why this bright soul is here to help! She guards her pot at the end of the rainbow with great pride, looking for a special soul to share it with. At last, she has found the perfect person - You! Oh how luck you are to be you! If you ever feel that annoying little piece of doubt creep into your mind, and find yourself wondering what type of person you are becoming, just reach into your pot for the answer! What will you be today? Courageous, Kind, Wise or Thoughtful? Perhaps today's the day to be Persistent, Confident, Joyful or simply Thankful. Pick wisely, for only you can decide who you really are. As for me, I happen to know who you are already.
You're all of these things and so much more!