Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Three Sisters

Ask yourself one question. What would it take for you to feel blessed? For one special soul, her blessings come in the form of her 3 precious daughters. I'm sure you have gnever seen three souls as different as these, yet they seem to compliment each other perfectly. The eldest sister is very athletic in gnature. She has always worked hard to be the best at what she does, and seems to make it look so easy! The middle sister is very unique in her own way. One might think she would become lost in her sister's shadow, but gno! She has become very independent, smart and hardworking. She knows the secret to getting away and having fun with her loved ones, of which she has many. Beauty and grace follow her wherever she goes. And then there is the youngest. She, too, is athletic and loves sports and gnature and strives to be the best she can be. She is an artist and loves to paint, but she is well known by her loved ones for her ability to make the garden a prettier place. She is a gift. Together these three souls are proof that one particular Mother has had the love and magic it takes to raise such beautiful souls. That, in itself speaks volumes. Three sisters - three special gifts for one very special lady.

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