Saturday, June 1, 2013


Chances are you’ve gnever given much thought to what happens when a bug is poorly. Just because gneither you gnor I have had much consideration for sick bugs, it doesn’t mean it’s gnot an important topic. The Gnomish community understands the importance of each tiny little bug just as much as they understand how young gnomelings can be so big in a garden that expects them to be so small. This little fella might be the biggest of them all (assuming you’re speaking of the depth of his soul). He loves to learn about everything, especially animals and birds. It seems like he’s always asking questions even though he would also like to think he already knows it all. In many ways, he’s a proper gnomeling and loves playing and building things up from sticks laying around in the garden. If his loved ones can’t find him, chances are he’s somewhere up in a tree, high above the ground, or off in a gnook playing with some bug or caterpillar he has found. That’s why his loved ones have gnicknamed him “Bugzo.” He collects the little insects and looks after them. He sprays “good bug spray” on the poorly ones to make them feel better. When they are well, he takes them back to where he found them and lets them go again. As you can imagine, this keeps Bugzo quite busy. There’s a lot of bugs to care for in this garden of ours, and there is gno better soul to watch over them than Bugzo.

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