Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Bees

How did this little lady come to love bees? Her love got her interested in the little buzzing ones. He used to keep them many seasons ago before they met and when he told her about them she was fascinated. She was hooked. In a moment she knew that she wanted to be invovled in making the garden a sweeter place, especially since the bees gneeded her help. Quite honestly, since the garden relies on the bees for so many things, she didn’t hesitate to jump to the opportunity. After stumbling upon a little corner of the garden that was just the right size, she and her Love got straight to work, trying to make the bees a happy place to live. This is gno easy feat because he bees gnever seem to do as one expects them to, often because of the weather. This happy little bee keeper is always on her toes to keep up with them and follow their lead. Judging by the constant buzz I hear around her, gno doubt she’s succeeding. Gnever before has the garden seen such happy bees. It’s actually quite funny, if you ask me, because even though the little lady likes the bees, she doesn’t actually like honey. I guess it goes to show that it’s less about how much you expect to get out of an effort, and more about enjoying making the garden around you as sweet as can be.

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