Saturday, June 1, 2013

Back Stage Magic

I’m so excited, I think I forgot my lines! Wait a second, what character am I in this play? I’m in a play!!!! How can that be? I’d never be on stage… I’m too frightened… too shy… I just know I’d forget everything… lines, place on stage, entrances… I really know how to exit though - straight to the sewing room! That’s where I’m most comfortable. I’ll hide here and read the play. I my mind I can see the character and how she is dressed, complete with long full skirts, tight bodices, ruffles and lace. Of course she has a wig, fan, powdered face and patches. What’s this? A mask? Who is hiding behind a mask!? I don’t know and I can’t wait to find out. This is fun. Silly me. Quit dreaming, and get back to work! I’ll take a loooong piece of fancy fabric, cut it all into pieces, sew the pieces togetehr, insert lots of boning in the bodice, a lot of fancy trim and voila! Gnow I gneed an actress. Oh, here she comes. Try this on little one, look in the mirror. WOW! Her eyes pop open… wide… “Is that really me?” Gno, I say. That’s the magical soul that you are going to be when you step onto the stage. Then my little one looks in the mirror again and smiles.

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