Saturday, June 1, 2013

Piggies & Cupcakes

You might be asking yourself what do piggies have in common with cupcakes. Then again, perhaps you weren’t, but I bet you’re wondering now! I won’t keep you wondering for any longer. Piggies and cupcakes have one thing in common – this wee lady. Isn’t she a cutie? She is quite easily please with any magic that is created in the garden, but it is these two things that seem to put the biggest smiles on her wee face. She has always had a soft fuzzy spot for pigs, especially since they are pink and oh so cute! If she had the space, she’d have a micro pig (and perhaps some ducks) in her little corner of the garden! As for cupcakes? Well that goes without saying. Cupcakes are scrummy! She’s even beginning to decorate them to share with all her friends and loved ones. I’d advice learning from her wisdom. Let in the joy, whether it be happy dogs, tiny gestures from gnomelings hard at work with a special drawing, or even picking half dead flowers,. but most of all, let in the pink! Yummy!

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