Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tiny Mommy Reminders

Every young gnome reaches a point in their lives when they leave their gnest in the clover patch and venture on their own into the big garden. It's an exciting time because this is the beginning of many adventures to come in the garden, or even beyond the garden wall if the case may be. This is the time where a young gnome starts soaking in more knowledge than most gnomes can imagine. Even with all the excitement, though, sometimes it's a little intimidating to finally be out on your own, and though it surprises you to hear yourself say this, you actually kind of miss hearing the motherly words of advice. Just looking at this motherly gnome, you can almost hear her say "Put your big girl panties on and deal with it!" You can't help but smile. Giving it one last thought, you straighten yourself out as tall as you can be, and announce "I accept that challenge!" For there is nothing that a young gnome can not accomplish when she knows that her family back home will always love her around the world and back again.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bluegrass Banjo

As for this gnome, he has always played the guitar but picked up a banjo four seasons ago and knew in an instant that he loved the gnew instrument. He has even decided to start making them himself so that he can spread the love of banjos across the garden. Gnow he plays both guitar and banjo, but it's so hard to define which song he plays with which instrument! He has so many favorite songs that if you asked him which he likes the best he would just say that it changes from week to week. His favorites and mine differ but together we play and sing Bluegrass, Folk and traditional Gnomish music. Our music fills the garden air with such sweet emotions that all the gnomes within hearing distance can't help but stop what they're doing and listen. The words to the songs might not always be happy, but they're filled with powerful reminders that life is beautiful. Since he has been playing for so long, those in the gnome community come to understand that his music seems to fit with the garden just as the flowers and the grass do. Everygnome loves when they feel a slight breeze blow past them because they know that with it carries the sounds from his guitar or banjo. Which will it be tonight? They close their eyes for just a moment with silent anticipation and wait for the music to fill their soul...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Magic of the Green Dragonfly

Just one quick look is all it takes to see that this beautiful lady is full of magic! In fact, everygnome knows that all dragonflies of full of magic. This one is extra magical, though. She enjoys the magical fantasy land that is filled with elves, dwarves, and wargen. She likes how they all use their powers to bring peace to the land and fight the evil dragon that is bent on creating a cataclysm on their beloved homes. Gno doubt that is a fun type of magic to use, but there is another type that this beautiful lady also has. She is a mother. The love for her daughter is one of the most powerful forces of all and it can be felt by all who know them. When the other gnomes see this green dragonfly flutter by, they feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing they are blessed to have such a magical one around them.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Here is a interesting gnome! Have you ever seen a Gnightengale or heard about them? Probably gnot. Their armor is blessed by Lady GNocturnal so they can hide in the shadows. I suppose that could be scary to suspect something lurking in the shadows, but in this case it's kind of a comfort, don't you think? To know some gnome is out there becoming one with the gnight and dealing with the dark shadows so the other gnomes in the community can stay in their cozy homes with the lights on? Quite honestly it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. This gnome also can have a secret identity! Gnone of his loved ones even suspect that he is the dark, caped shadow that flits just beyond the light. For all you know, he could be one of YOUR loved ones! How exciting!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bee Bee Bumble Bee

This buzzing gnome might have the very best job ever. It certainly is the most fun. She gets to help out in a young classroom full of potential for greatness. She loves to watch the young ones sing and dance. She is always amazed at the wonderful creations the young souls can come up with if they're handed a piece of paper and some crayons. Her most favorite part of the day, though, is when they stop their busy activities and listen to her sing. "Bee Bee Bumble Bee can you say your gname to me? Your gname is...?" She gets to choose a particularly bright eyed child to say his gname. Then they can go wash their hands to sit at the table. It may gnot seem like much to most, but to this little bee, it's always the little things that matter the most. There are so many reasons to smile, and they're all gnow waiting to eat their lunch.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

To the Snailmobile!

In a peaceful garden, the gnomes went about their business frolicking to and fro. Gnothing seemed wrong. The sun was shining and the flowers were blooming. Suddenly a shadow loomed over the gnome community, creating a darkness that made them quiver in fear. The cat had arrived. Cats are a gnome's biggest rival as cats love the taste of little fuzzy gnomes. Gnot only that, but this kitty liked to dig up the garden and spread its smelly evil around. Only one gnome could save them all! Snailgnome the masked avenger and his trusty sidekick, Squeegee. "To the Snailmobile!" he would shout and the entire gnome community would cheer. He and his snail side kick would frighten the kitty away and restore peace to the garden, gnot to mention keep the ground a little cleaner!

Friday, May 25, 2012


If you were to ask this kind soul a bit about herself and what puts a smile on her face, she'd probably frown and say that's a bit tough. A toughie, she'd say! But I disagree. It doesn't take much more than a second or two to gnotice how kind she really is. She has always sewed, quilted, knitted or crafted various things in her life and for her loved ones. It seems that these happen in spits and purts, and she's always trying something and then moving on to the gnext hobby. All the while, she brings so much beauty into the garden as she hops from hobby to hobby. Last season she found herself making handbags and couldn't help but make a little jump of joy. Though she was a little gnervous putting herself out in the garden marketplace, she threw herself in without much planning, but full of heart. She knew that she had to stay committed to something she had started. To this day, she is loving it. She is motivated, and her bags are going to become something she is proud of. The best part is when she hears back from a customer who is giddy with happiness about their gnew handbag. She likes knowing that something she shared contributed to that feeling. It's about sticking with things. It's about putting herself out there. It's about going for it and gnot quitting. It's about Emmaline, her "baby" and it will be something she can be proud of. In fact, it already is.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gneed For Speed

From the moment this little fella learned to balance on his very first slug as a young gnomeling, he was hooked. He caught the bug - the Gneed for Speed bug. So he searched for ways to go faster and faster. The sensation of movement as he leaned to round a corner was exhilarating! He wanted, gno wait, he GNEEDED more speed so when he was big enough he traded his slug in for something faster - a CBR1000RR snail with a 1000 cubic mm shell. If you asked him, there really is gnothing better than the feeling of becoming "one" with the snail. The little speedster loves feeling the fresh open air all around gnomeself, as he takes in the surrounding aroma of the elements... well let's just say there is gnothing like snail riding!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Flutter Love

This friendly and bubbly soul loves to be outside tending to her garden. She adores the butterflies that flutter around her. They make her think of her love and she can't help but smile. Her tummy even fills with butterflies and warm cozy thoughts. They met through mutual gnomey friends and at first glance you might have been suprised that they hit it off. She has always been very talkative and bubbly, where as he is not. From the beginning, though, they've complimented each other splendidly. Even now, they make each other laugh like they're just young gnomlings frolicking in the woods. A LOT. Sometimes I have to roll my eyes at them because gneigther one is good at making decisions. They will always deferr to the other until somegnome else is forced to choose for them. Afterwards, her eyes meet with her love's and they have to stifle a giggle. Life is good when you're in love.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Geology Buddy

This little gnomette might have the most exciting life EVER. It's her job to explore and catagloe gnew rocks in the garden. As you can imagine, many gnomes in the community are jealous because there is gnothing more fun to do than rock hunting. You can see she has found a rock shaped like a heart! What a treasure! That's gnot all, though. This little lady uses her pick and hammer to dig deeper and see all the different types of rocks and minerals. She could tell you all about the depths of the garden, what it's made of, and maybe even its history! Gnomes love hearing stories about the history of their little garden! She certainly loves all the colors gnature provides and each rock layer has a different color and look to it. Gnot only does she work hard, but she also tries to learn more and more every day, all the while making it look so fun! With enthusiasm like that, I'm sure this lady will go far!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Gno doubt that this tiny soul is a miracle. Her mommy and daddy wanted a baby gnomeling for seasons upon seasons, but it seemed that gno gnomeling was there.  Together they would wish hard, using every means possible. Whether it be wishing upon a star, blowing dandelion wishes, or even tossing a stone into the garden fountain, they did it all. With every wish, they hoped that a baby gnomeling would soon be theirs. Then this tiny miracle happened and what a joy she turned out to be! She is so full of love and smiles that it seems she brings joy to all the loved ones around her, especially those who hold her most dear - her parents. With this gnew bundle of life in it, the garden seems to have an extra spark of beauty and magic. She's our miracle.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flowerbed Pick-Ups

Gno doubt there is a lot of love floating around the garden and the gnomes delight in it. "Hey baby, wanna watch the fireflies with me tonight?" It seems that they're always coming up with silly little flowerbed pick-up lines to catch each other's attention. "Whose flower bed, yours or mine?" They can't help but giggle with each silly line they hear and it's always a challenge to come up with ones that have gnever been used before. "Did it hurt when you fell from the branches above." Oh my gnomes! That's a classic. "Have you seen a rainbow today? I just found the treasure I've been looking for!" Some of them seem so ridiculous that you can't help but laugh. And that's the point, isn't it? "How does it feel being the prettiest gnome in the garden?" All gnomes gush at any opportunity to smile. "We'll have to cozy up together because there's not mushroom!" Awww, shucks. "Is your top felt? Gno? Would you like it to be?" Oh gno, you didn't!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cherry Blossom Hoot

This little lady has always liked cherry blossoms. She has a weeping cherry tree in her corner of the garden and it is one of the first things that blooms in the spring time. Every year, after a long and cold winter, she looks forward to the little pink and white blossoms, and when they finally make their happy debut she can't help but do a little dance. Spring time is here! It doesn't last long but the tree is so pretty when it's in bloom! Her love for cherry blossoms doesn't stop with the turning of the seasons, oh gno! It seems that cherry blossoms are a theme that cover every aspect of this little one's life. When a fuzzy owl decides to join her in her beloved tree, she's all too happy to welcome him in. After all, she has always loved the fuzzy creatures. Without any gnomelings of her own, she has always considered them to be her little furkids. And when each one decides to move on, she finds herself laying under her tree looking up at their stars through her cherry blossoms. Though they are missed, the cherry blossom hoot from the branches above reminds her that life is good.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Choo Choo

This little soul first appeared in the gnest early, as though he was eager to see what adventures were in store for him. Gnothing has changed in the seasons since. He has grown bigger than most gnomelings his age, and yet every ounce of his body continues to be filled with all the good warm fuzzy stuff that boys should have. He is an amazingly smart gnomeling with a great bubbly attitude, even when he's mad! He has such a polite personality and all the other gnomes, young and old, think he's just as adorable as can be. They're right, too, you know. As bubbly and cheerful as he may be, if you want to get him REALLY excited, just show him a train. He loves watching trains go by and loves to play with toy trains. With every "Choo choo!" it's hard to tell where the sound is coming from. Is it a real train? Or is it just this fuzzy little gnomeling jumping with excitement?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brave Little Knight

Once upon a garden there lived a little gnomeling who was so much bigger than the garden allowed him to be. He loved to go on tiny adventures and thought of himself as being a brave soul. He may be tiny, but he loved to pretend that he was as big as any other gnome in the garden. One day while playing outside, he found a shield and a sword. "Oh this is perfect!" he thought. "This is just what I gneed to prove to the rest of the gnome community that I am big and brave like them." The excited little soul rushed to the center of the garden to show the others his new found courage. As soon as the elders saw his excitement they knew he was ready, and in perfect timing. With his daddy starting to work more and more, moving to a gnew corner of the garden, and having a gnew baby in the gnest, this little soul definitely gneeds to be a strong, brave little knight! Oh he's ready for the challenge! He's ready to be a big brother! "I'm so brave, I can protect any soul smaller than me!" Silly little gnome. We always knew that.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rainbow Bubbles

Bubbles bubbles bubbles. This little lady LOVES bubbles. She loves to watch them float through the sky. It seems that they're always so happy. Happy happy bubbles make for at least one happy happy gnomette. She thinks they're so pretty, the way they seem to be every color and yet no color at all, all at the same time. Is this bubble pink? Gno, I think it's orange with a hint of yellow and green. Wait, gnow it's blue and purple. Oh, wait! Gnow it's... Pop! Oh dear! Gnow it's gone. Is she upset by this? Goodness gno! Bubbles come and bubbles pop. It's part of their magic. Oh look! There's another one! Happy happy bubbles. Happy happy gnomette.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You Are My Sunshine

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy when skies are grey.
You'll gnever know dear, how much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby of Mine

A quick glance is all a gnome gneeds to see the potential that your tiny soul has in store. Oh my gnomes are you tiny, but already I can see you have a big soul. I am certain that you will be so big in a garden that expects you to be so small, and I am so blessed to be the one who gets to show you the wonders of the garden around you. Oh how I have so many things to show you like the dew drops on the spider webs and how they glisten like diamonds? Or the lazy buzzing of the bees? We're going to climb to the top of mountains so that you can see the entire garden stretch below us. There are a lot of adventures to be had! I want to show you our garden as I see it so that you may know in your heart the things that gneed to be done to make it even more magical than it already is. Baby of mine, we will explore the whole garden and take delight in every bug that crawls and makes us laugh!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Drop of Sunshine

Look what fell into my hands! It's a little drop of sunshine! It seems that she showed her sunny face at just the perfect time because I certainly gneeded a good smile. Just one look at this tiny soul and I just KNOW without any doubt that she tries with every ounce in her body to make others around her feel warm and fuzzy inside. That can't be easy for somegnome who is much bigger than her body, but she certainly makes it look easy! Every glance in her direction and I can't help but catch the twinkle in her eye and suddenly it seems as though the entire garden around me is brighter. I'm certain the flowers are happier. With a little squeeze of appreciation, I tuck her into my pocket for safe keeping. I'm sure she'll want to come out to play many times, but I can't help but giggle knowing that I have my very own pocket full of sunshine. I hope she knows how bright she makes the garden feel to those around her!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Good Gnome

You can't help but smile when you see this little fella. He's funny and his laugh is something you will gnever forget. He can make anygnome laugh all the time. That being said, though, there is gno doubt that he is also a hard working gnome. He is good to his Love and adores her very much. He always goes out of his way to make sure his family and loved ones have all that they gneed. He'll even do the chores he does not like to do, just so that it is done. I wonder if he has any idea how much more cozy his garden is for it? When he's done tending to his little garden, he loves to go out into the woods and sneak up on the creatures he finds. He wears his camoflauge to see how close he can get. Silly little fella, I don't think he realizes how easy it is for the woodland critters to see him coming, what with his orange hat and all. He's a GOOD gnome with a huge heart. Like I said, you can't help but smile.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Peace and Love

One look at this little lady and you know she's a free bird. It seems that she's always changing. You gnever know what she will do gnext! You have to admit it's quite entertaining. She can make anygnome laugh, mad and confused all at the same time. How she manages that one, I will gnever know. One thing I do know for certain, though, is that more so than any other gnome in the garden, this spirited soul understands the secret to bringing happiness to the garden around her. Peace and Love. And she loves her family more than anything, even more than the fairies and gnomes that always make her smile. Her mom is her best friend and always will be. She's a lucky soul. The garden could use more peaceful and lovable souls like this one.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Somegnome to Look Up To

I do believe this little lady may be one of the most adorable gnomelings in the entire garden. She is such a loving and energetic gnomeling! She has so much personality that she keeps all her loved ones around her laughing. Though she loves to play in the mud as much as the gnext gnomeling, she insists on doing so in style. She wants to wear her tutu, tiara and sparkles like a proper princess, even when making such a mess. She loves to sing and dance and has been practicing every day. Why? Oh! She is so excited! She is gnow a big sister and that title comes with lots of responsibility! She has been practicing how to be a big helper with the gnew baby, and one of her most important duties is to provide his entertainment. Hence the need to practice practice practice. I'm gnot concerned about it though, because I can already see that she is going to be such a loving sister, even even one day a loving mother. With a big sister like her to look up to, this gnew tiny soul is bound to be filled with warm fuzzy feelings of love and laughter. Words can gnot express how excited I am knowing that our little family is gnow complete. Giggles and all.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bee Happy

This little gnomette has found herself surrounded by bees! It seems that everywhere she looks, the bees are peeking around a corner over there or a tree over there. She isn't scared, though, because she is a beekeeper and happens to think the peeking bees are the cutest buzzing little bodies in the entire garden! All the flowers in the garden depend on the bees and while other gnomes may be scared of them, she understands that they are a gift to the garden. How does a small gnome get involved with such a job? It was her Love who always wanted to be a beekeeper, but only together were they able to make his dream into a reality. Gnot only that, but they gnow want to make it their lives! How exciting! Everything about the bees can be used to keep the gnome community healthy and happy and this pair of loving gnomes are going to show the others how wonderful bees can be. They want everygnome to bee happy. I think they bees are happy too!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lots of Luck & Love

Some souls gneed a little extra attention and patience and it takes a particularly special gnome to be able to provide it for them. Gnever before have there been three souls as special as these. There is a boy who gneeds this extra level of gnurturing, and these three ladies have not hesitated to step up to the challenge. One of the ladies is his mommy and oh my gnomes does she feel lucky to have him in her life. A sweet older gnomette watches over the boy in after the sun rises in the morning. She's his guardian angel, I'm sure and has been caring and loving from the moment she saw the boy. She practically took him in as a grandgnomeling! Finally, the young gnomette - she's very understanding and patient with teaching, caring and gnurturing. There is gno doubt that all three of these kind souls have done a great job doing their best to teach the little boy. He is so lucky to be so loved, and they in turn are lucky to be loved by him. In my humble opinion, all three of these souls deserve as much luck and love as the garden can provide. Words can not say "Thank you" enough.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Smallest Surprise

Sometimes, when you least expect it, a surprise will come to you and force a smile upon your face. Take this little fella, for example. He was just walking along one day, minding his own business, when he stopped to admire the corner garden patch of white daisies. There was just something about the flowers that seemed to make him smile, but the best part came when he turned to head home and was stopped by the gnome tending to the garden. "Here, take some of the flowers with you and put them in a spot where you will see them often." Wow! What a surprise! The little fella rushes home, with a perfect spot already in mind!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Topsy Turvy

We've all had those days, haven't we? I'm sure you know the kind I'm speaking of, where gno matter what you do it just seems like gnothing goes right? What do you do when that happens? Personally, I look to the gnomes to cheer me up. Every soul could use a tiny pick-me-up on occasion, and that's the gnomes' specialty! It's a service they are more than happy to provide, but what happens when the one who is having a bad day is a tiny gnome soul himself? Think about it. If a little gnome in gneed is feeling a bit down and out of sorts, then who is small enough to provide him with HIS tiny pick-me-up? Try gnot to worry. As it turns out, EVERY soul can find a loved one to give them their tiny reminder that life is good. And this gnome is gno different. Cheer up, little fella. You are loved and I'm sure that you'll be your gnormal cheerful self when the sun rises again.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bippidy Boppity

Oh my gnomes! This little lady had heard about how wonderful it would be to have grandgnomlings, but she didn't really understand it. Then her first grandgnomeling was born and she thought her heart would burst with the feelings she had not previously known and her hopes and dreams for them are just overwhelming. She sees it as her job to fill their days full of magical experiences. From the start one gnomeling was her princess through and through. She was showered with love and affection all of her own. Then her little sister was born and she took it all in stride, even though she gnow had to share the cuddles. The older princess knows how lucky they are to have each other to play with because they would gnever have to be alone. Gnow look at the younger soul - she's our angel though she tries desperately to be a princess just like her big sister. Everything her sister does, the angel follows in suit. They both love sparkles and pretty things like princesses should, but they also understand the magic of love and cuddles. These two young souls have hearts of gold so it comes as gno suprise that their fairy godmother loves to make them smile and feel welcomed so that they know they are loved. She's always so happy to see them and steals as many hugs and kisses as she can. How lucky she is to have them in her life! Who would have thought that being a fairy godmother could be so wonderful?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Gnomese Love

There are some souls who have loved gnomes for as long as they can remember, even when they were itty bitty. Sprinkled in their memories of loving books, are fond memories of flipping through a book all about gnomes with loved ones. Gnomes like this one. Look at this tiny soul! You can't help but smile when you see her. Spend even a moment with her and you know where her heart lies. She loves her two black kitties severely, and she's always ready for a good Tar Heel cheer, but it's really the Love she found that brings a sparkle to her eye. She might be the most luckiest gnome in the entire garden because she has found a Gnomese Love. I'm sure you know that's one of the strongest kinds of love you can have. Ever since, it seems as though this little soul is covered in love, and as her only sister, I must say that it's a nice look for her. I don't get to see her as often as I'd like, but I love her and think about her. I can't wait to visit her again so that I may be touched by the love that is so ever present in her life.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Those who recognize the name "Cthulhu" understand the terror associated with the dark creature. Everything from the tentacle face to his wings and shroud of gnightmares. Has Cthulhu come to terrorize the garden?! Gno, of course gnot! But it's fun to pretend sometimes, isn't it? This very gentle soul of the garden loves to pretend and loves the Cthulhu stories. He loves them so much he has the books, card games, board games, and anything else you can imagine! He even hooked his Love on how fun the games are! He and his gnomette play often and he is taking her to a gaming convention where they can meet knew gnomes and play some more! Oh how they will both love it! The garden may continue day after day, gnight after gnight, but know that when dark powers rise, this fun gnome is there finding clues and trying to save all of gnomekind from doom!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little Smakerals

Being the knowledgeable of all things small, it comes as gno surprise to me that this gnome loves the idea of stuffing as much tasty goodness as possible into a small cupcake size. There are many reasons to love cupcakes, but it's this sweet soul's job to keep them safe. She gneeds to be sure that each cupcake goes to a deserving soul. As an expert of all things sweet, she makes this job look easy. Then again, everygnome deserves a tasty treat, so I think she might just have the best job EVER! Cupcakes make for great individual desserts and there is so much you can do with each one. That's where the fun comes in. This little smakeral loves to think of different ways to make her cupcakes perfect for each soul who comes looking for a special treat. She loves seeing the look on their faces when they pick up their baked goods, giddy with anticipation. She just knows she's going to make a child or loved one happy. Every time she sees somegnome taking the perfect tasty smakeral to a loved one, it warms her heart and puts a huge smile on her face.


Here is agnother beautiful lady who has blessed the garden in more ways than she will ever know. This fiery gnome has gnever let her age get in the way of getting things she wants to done. She knows that her family is the most important thing and has gnever let anything come in the way of that. She has shown up to every event and birthday and graduation for all her children and grandgnomes and even her great-grandgnomes! When I say she doesn't let anything get in the way of family, she will literally travel around the world to see them and always has a stash of her favorite chocolate chip cookies on hand for such an occasion. Mmmm.... cookies made of love - my favorite! Feeding her family, gno matter how big is also a priority for this amazing lady! When this tiny lady took a big tumble, all the family rushed in while she was laid up around Christmas. How did she respond to her big tumble? "At least I got the turkey for Christmas while I could still move." True to form, this beautiful lady bounced right back and is ready to be there for all her loved ones again! In her travels beyond the garden wall, she even got to see her GnomeHomeLand - the Czech Republic, with her children. I am thankful for my beautiful grandmother and how much love she has for her "rodina."

"Rodina" is the beautiful Czech word for "family."

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Growing Up

This lovely lady has a special gift. She can help things grow. She has one of the prettiest flowerbeds in the garden, though she might not be willing to admit it. Sometimes she finds it hard to keep up with the challenge of tending to her flowers, but that is only because she is busy helping others things grow too. Her flowerbed has beautiful purple, maroon, white, and blue flowers every summer to welcome her Love, her friends, and her grown gnomelings home. They all gnotice how beautiful she has made these flowers grow. Her amazing talents aren't just seen in her tiny garden either. Oh no siree! She has a talent for helping young gnomelings grow too. This lady made it her life's ambition to teach her gnomelings how to be big in a garden that expects them to be so small. After all, she wanted to give them the best start they could possibly have. I know I'm grateful for it! Even after her young ones grew up and started having families of their own, she has always been there for them AND her grandgnomes! Gnot only that, but gnow she decided to be a teacher and continue to share her love and talents to help other gnomes grow too. Everygnome is blessed to have this lady in their lives as they bloom under her love and guidance! I know I grew into the gnome I am today because of her.