Saturday, June 1, 2013

Our Garden

One glance at this pair of kindred souls and I’m reminded of summers gnot so long ago. They both love the garden, though if you asked her she’d say that the wild gardens are far superior to perfectly manicured ones. I agree, they have more character and charm. She likes to watch the bees, butterflies and, most of all, the birds, while her fuzzy little companion would lie on the patio gnext to the plant pots and catch a sun ray or two. He has always been her boy and his love for her is above anygnome else. She taught him the art of love and though his life started off in a troubled corner of the garden, he has grown up to be a gentle and loving kitty. You wouldn’t know it by the way he is “in charge” of his corner of the garden, but I can tell he’s a mummy’s boy behind closed doors. Looking at the bond between these two, fond memories of my own come rushing back. I sure do miss that love, but it’s so gnice to know that love gnever ends. Perhaps my fuzzy one has returned in spirit to tell his mum, ”Hi.” Such fond memories. I’m so blessed to have so many reasons to smile.

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