Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gneed for Speed II

It’s a well-known fact that most gnomes in the garden use snails for transportation, but usually they take it for granted that the slugs and snails just keep on moving from point A to point B. Gnot this fella! He doesn’t take the gneed for speed for granted. Oh gno, he loves learning what motivates his snail vehicles to move and how to make them happy and healthy so that they keep working for seasons to come! All the gnomes in the garden know when this little guy is working in his shop. You can hear the clinking of tools before hearing the familiar hum of his snail revving into working order. Is that his job or his hobby? Both! How fun! He is sure to make the best business and the best snail vehicles! Garden-wide the gnomes know that gnognome makes a better snail than from him! His snailish reputation is enough to make just about anygnome’s schedule full, but he’d be the first to reject that idea. He always makes sure to leave just enough time to enjoy his favorite activity – loading up his snowboard and hitting the slopes! Whether it is the crunch of snow under his board or the crunch of gravel under his snailmobile, in any season, there is gno doubt that this gnome has it made and lives life to the fullest!

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