Sunday, December 18, 2016

Vibrant Eldergnome

Just look at this beautiful lovely lady! She is originally from the other side of the garden, but she has made this side of the garden her home for many many seasons. As an eldergnome, she has lots of life wisdom. She follows the Gnomish path and has a talent for healing of many types. She loves to travel and loves all the languages she hears along the way. She enjoys music, and loves to feel her body ready to dance to the beat. As for me, I'm so happy to have known her. Gno doubt she makes the garden around her all the more vibrant! I hope she will be able to continue to call this corner of the garden her home, as surely the garden gneeds more kind souls like her in it. Thank you, kind lady, for sharing your wisdom and reminding me that in many ways the garden seems so small. With friends like you, it is easy to see how beautiful the garden really is.

The Division Committee

It should come as gno surprise to know that the Gnomish community prides themselves in putting family first and working together to make the garden around them a gnicer, prettier place. However, sometimes even the gnomes are surprised when a family experiences hurt feelings and turmoil in times of uncertainty and disagreement. It breaks my heart, but it seems that these two souls have a very important job to do. Together they make the Division Committee, and they just learned that there is a wee family that has been divided in their views on what decisions would be best for their garden. It seems both sides have some good ideas, yet it is so difficult to understand once conversations turn into debates and debates turn into words that are spoken with regret. It's apparent that the two siblings love each other dearly but right gnow they struggle with liking each other, and gnow their loved ones are at a loss on what to do. That's where these two fuzzy souls step in! They have a very special talent for reminding such families that though they are divided in many ways, they are united in many other important ways. They both want what is best for the garden around them, and they want the best future for the garden's gnomelings. They are both loved dearly and and have been for many seasons. It's a tough job, but these two souls are the right two for the job! With a bit of a hop and a skip, they get started on whispering tiny reminders of love and encouragement to the siblings. Deep down, they know that the garden does gnot gneed more anger. The garden gneeds both sides to work together. They both GNEED love.

Mini Rocky Horror

There is gno doubt that the gnomes in the garden excel at enjoying life to the fullest. It seems to be an inherent Gnomish talent. Some gnomes enjoy life by skipping in sun showers. Others seem to best appreciate a beautiful piece of artwork or a particularly catchy tune. In all honesty, it does gnot matter how one enjoys their life as long as it brings more joy and laughter to the garden. Take it from this fuzzy fella who seems to understand with every ounce of his body that he can be anything he wants and do anything he wants, and he does gnot let outward appearances stop him. In fact, that's part of the fun! I think I like his perspective!

Plaid Gnuzzles

To say that this little fuzzy fella is hard working and easy going, just doesn't do him justice. He loves learning gnew things and working on personal projects, but most of all he loves being loyal and making his loved ones laugh with his sharp sense of humor. Spend even a few moments of time with him and it's easy to see how open minded he is. Don't let his tiny little body fool you... he is filled with more love than you can imagine, and he is excited to share that love with anygnome who finds a connection with him. Finding such great connections seems to come easy for him. Perhaps it is because he is so good at reading other souls and empathizing with their stories? Or maybe it is because of his wonderful deep eyes and good hugs? I happen to think the magic is in his gnuzzles. Relaxing and gnuzzling up gnext to this fuzzy soul, leaves one feeling ridiculously relaxed and content. There might gnot be a better reminder that life is good and love is infinite.