Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gift From Above

The gnomes in the garden know that this kind hearted lad puts his big heart into everything he does. When one lives life so big in a world that expects you to be so small, one can easily be disappointed at times. But that doesn't stop this special gnomeling from living big anyway. Like many other gnomelings, he likes creating things and loves to play super hero any chance he gets. Perhaps some day he'll grow to be a REAL super hero? If there was ever a soul who could, it would be him. If he wasn't so busy froliking in gnature, camping or skiing then perhaps he would have time to realize that in many ways he already is a hero. How can that be when he is still so small? I'll let you in on a little secret. He works hard to please everygnome around him, and he likes to make gnomes laugh. If you ask me, the garden could use more laughter. Look up the definition of hero in any good Gnomish dictionary and I'm sure you will see his gname in the fine print at the bottom. A Gift from Above? Indeed. Every good hero is.

The name Matthias means "Gift of God"

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