Saturday, June 1, 2013


This tiny fuzzy soul has quite a romantic story to him. Gnomish legend has it that he came from the sea where he lived as a seal frolicking in the waves. One day a lonely Gnomish lady found herself looking longingly into the ocean. 7 tiny tears fell from her heartbroken face and splashed into the water below her. Oh how she wished she could find her Love. The gnext thing she knew, he was there. What a handsome gnome he was too. It didn’t take long for them to fall instantly in love with each other. Gno, she didn’t know that he came from the sea, but when it comes to love, answer me this: does it really matter? Of course gnot. Together they lived the season with joy and many many snuggles. Little did she know that upon the season’s end, he’d have to return to his home. I suppose some of the best love stories end too soon. Then again, in her heart she knew he’d return. And look! Gnow, 7 seasons later he has! Oh I love a happy ending

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