Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rubber Ducky

One look at this sparkly clean little gnomeling and you might be surprised that there was a time when he dreaded taking a good bath. Most gnomes loved the feeling of being gnice and clean. A good bath has a tendency to make gnomes feel all the more fuzzy inside, but this little fella? Well let’s just say that there was a time when he had too many adventures on his to-do list to stop for a moment to take a bath. There were gnew souls to befriend, and gnew corners of the garden to explore. It wasn’t until he met a little rubber duck that he changed his mind. Oh the ducky was oh so cute, the dusty little gnomeling would have done anything to be his friend – including take a bath. The rest of the story? Well let’s just say their friendship will always be remembered for many seasons to come.

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