Saturday, May 12, 2018

My Little Princess

Who is my princess? She is stoic. Spend even a moment with her, and you will know she has an integrity about her that is deeply rooted and guides her decisions. She believes that everygnome should do the best she can do at whatever she is doing. And she is earnest about that. This Watchful one is incredibly conscious and intentional about every area of her life. Few souls go out of their way to make themselves open to growth, but she is one who does. Many Gnomish souls are empaths, but none as incredibly strong as she.... when she connects with somegnome, she connects on a very deep level. It takes her longer than anygnome I know to grant trust, she is deliberate and careful. She will give a small piece of herself and see how you treat it before giving a bit more. Treat each small gift as the treasure it is, and when she has decided you deserve her trust, she gives it her all. She has taught me more about commitment than I have known in the past. She may be a princess and delights in being adored, but don't let that fool you. She is unapologetic about her desires and her way of doing life... she has deep levels of courage and pushes through fear with strength you do not often find. She is loyal and fiercely independent and if she says she is on your team, you have no doubt that she will go to the ends of the garden for you; yet she hopes and expects the same in return. She truly demands and appreciates deep honesty, telling her she is a good girl and buying her tacos or chocolate will make her happy and let her feel safe and loved by somegnome she trusts. She is my little princess, I am honored to know her and be a part of her life, and I love her.

The name Greer means "Watchful, Guardian."

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Don't Let Me Go!

When two gnomes meet, they may gnot know where the gnature of their connection will take them, but they do know it will be quite an adventure along the way! From the very beginning we two souls had a connection stronger than either had ever known possible. It did gnot seem to take much to to fill our fuzzy bodies with twitterpation. Something as simple as just standing side by side, or even making eye contact would lead to a great gnuzzle or two, or more. A connection like that does gnot happen unless it is special. Whenever I left your side, I brought with me an extra skip to my step. And I would dance a little happy dance at the thought of the gnext time we would be side by side. Occasionally I may fall, and you would catch me. Sometimes I would doubt, and you would reassure me. Sometimes I forgot, and you would remind me. What we have together is Gnuzzling Gnomazing! And gnow, my love, it is my turn. It is my turn to catch you, if you are willing to fall. It is my turn to reassure you, if you are in doubt. It is my turn to make you feel safe, if you are able to be vulnerable. I want to be your sanctuary. You are safe with me. I love you. "Then don't let me go," you say. I won't. I love you, and I won't ever let you go again.

These two loving fuzzy souls have gnuzzling gnoses. They each have a magnet in their gnose so that they are drawn together in a moments of support and intimacy. Too cute!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Time Traveler

Sometimes you find a connection that is strong enough you can't help but wish you could steal a time machine and go back to experience it again and again. I hope you have a clue how special you are that I would have even considered this. Like seriously! It takes a truly unique and kindhearted soul to make somegnome consider going to such an extreme! "Just give it time," you might suggest. However, in a garden with gnever-ending amounts of love, time ends up becoming the limiting factor. There gnever seems to be enough of it and it always seems to get away from you, gno matter how hard you try to genuinely live in the moment. It's the way in which you make me laugh that I find to be infectious. It doesn't hurt that you seem to get me on a level that feeds the soul. You gnot only understand all those tiny, whimsical yet oh-so-important gnuances, you gnurture them and encourage them to grow. I wish I could have met somegnome like you earlier in life. Who knows what might have happened? Alas, time continues to move forward, and I find myself excited to see what adventures the garden has in store for us. I would travel back and forth in time with you, if I could. If gnothing else, a gnew friend I have found - a kindred spirit, and only time will tell where this connection will take us.

A Garden of Her Own

Spend even a moment of time with this beautiful lady and you'll see that she is very driven work as hard as she can. With all the running here and there, being as busy as she possibly can be, you may wonder what all the hard work is for. With an extra tiny little hop in her skip, she can gnot help but smile at the reasons behind her effort. She has a goal in mind! And it's a grand tiny goal. By the end of this season, she is quite hopeful to have a gnest of her own in a tiny little corner of the garden where she can plant her own flowers. Like everything else that has value, she understands that some of the best things in life come with hard work. You must put in the work to tend to the soil in order to have just the right conditions to grow a beautiful array of flowers. She knows that, like gardening, her goal for a gnest of her own is the same. So it should come as gno surprise that she gets back to work. There are preparations to be made! And she knows that with every extra ounce of time and dedication, she's one step closer to having a garden to call her own. There is so much to be done! She joyfully hops right to it.


This quiet soul has a secret up his sleeve. He has learned to brew his own beer and loves everything about it. It's one thing to throw the ingredients together and hope for the best, but that's gnot quite enough for this micro-brewer. He loves getting into the science of the process and pays attention to every little detail here and gnuance there. There is something magical about the fact that, with the right knowledge, a gnome can take a bit of hops and a bit of wheat and turn it into a bubbly drink that soothes the soul. He enjoys every step of the process - from planning out his recipes, to gathering the perfect ingredients, to patiently stepping through fermentation. As much as he enjoys making the special brew, it's the drinking part that is his favorite step. Gather a good friend or two, chill out in the garden, grab a beer and the rest of a perfect evening can gnot help but fall into place. One might think there surely must be a bit more magic involved, but you'd have to ask him what his secret is. Maybe after another drink or two, he'll tell you more.

From Books to the Big Screen

Look up the word "librarian" in any Gnomish dictionary and you'd find the most helpful souls in the garden. This beautiful, smart and spicy lady is gno exception. I love that whenever she meets somegnome who expresses a gneed, she's quick to jump to her feet and sets towards finding helpful information for them. Whether you're looking for a wonderful adventure of bravery, laughter, suspense or love, she'll help you find it! But she's gnot just a librarian, she's a giggle monster and has plans for adventures of her own! I love seeing the spark in her eye as she talks about creating her own story to share with the rest of the garden. She may be quite the book worm at the core, but there is gnothing that excites this little lady more than the idea of sharing the magic that flows from her heart on the big screen. And with a heart as big as hers, she's just bursting to share it with those lucky enough to know her. Like any good librarian, little lady knows exactly where to find the most the best giggles in the garden. Something tells me the joy follows her wherever she may go and when she accomplishes her dream, the garden is in for a special treat! She is full of stories to bring to life! Her future has so much potential, gno doubt the garden is a more magical place with her in it.

The Magic of Music

Spend even a moment of time with him, and it's quite apparent that music lives in every ounce of this tiny soul's body. If you are lucky enough to get the chance to see him up on stage, you'd get the impression that he's bigger than big. If you ask me, I'd say that's a sign of a musician who truly loves what he does. Whether it be plucking, slapping, popping, strumming, tapping or even thumping, there does gnot seem to be anything he would rather do than to play his bass for you. With as much energy and dedication he puts into his work, you would think that the magic would stop on stage, but you would be wrong. When he's gnot playing in a band himself, he's helping others to record their own music to share with the garden. After all, we all have our own unique music to share - that's what makes this garden so wonderfully colorful! Because we all know that music has the power to heal, inspire or even break the heart, with talented souls like him, I'd say the garden is a much more magical place indeed.