Saturday, June 1, 2013


In a special part of the garden, there is a place where the gnomes don’t look quite… well… gnomish. They take on gnew looks and gnew jobs and become heroes of the land! As magical as the garden can be, sometimes it’s fun to escape and pretend and play with your family and friends, isn’t it? In this land you can find a special lady. Taking the many forms of a druid, this little lady may sometimes get lost in the bunch of other druids, but after you see her in action, you quickly realize that she is unique and one of the best! She started out as many other young taurens started – getting the lay of the land. While all creatures spoke the common tongue, I assure you there was nothing common about learning this gnew world, but she made it look so easy! While she, like many gnomes, may have wondered if she could do better, she astounded those around her with how fast she learned! Gnow she is teaching gnew players the ropes since she is an expert! She even plays with her Love who happens to be an orc! Together they down the evils of the word and clothe themselves in the highest honorable gear. This tauren has had quite the amazing journey and gnothing can stand in her way to accomplishment and victory!

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