Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lil' Devil

Don't let the size of this young soul deceive you. She may seem small to you or me, but I assure you she is so much bigger than the garden expects her to be. She has always been quite the little devil, and gnever fails to bring a bit of mischievous delight into the lives of those who know her. Don't get me wrong, she enjoys many of the simple delights that life has to offer like reading or acting in the local theater. She's even an outstanding writer and is able to transform her thoughts into words with more power than you'd believe. Above all else, she is a delightful young gnomeling and is extremely outgoing. She even loves to run the local garden pep rallies and loves to energize the entire Gnomish community with her love of life. Let's just say that she would gnever be described by anygnome as "quiet" but gno doubt the garden would be a far more boring without lively and magical souls like hers.

Painter of the Peacocks

As everygnome knows, each and every soul has a very important job to do to keep the garden in such tip top shape as it is. As a group of gnomes comes of age, they are asked how they would like to make a difference in the garden around them. When it is this young one's turn to choose what really makes her heart sing, she gives it some deep thought. She is a voracious reader - there is gnothing better than a good book. She writes beautiful poetry that would make your heart weep with tears of joy. She even dabbles with a drawing or two. She may be quiet and shy, but this season I am sure she will show those around her exactly what her loved ones already knew... She is full of such potential, she is sure to fill the garden with more beauty than most. As she continues to consider what makes her the most happy, she can't help but let her eyes twinkle with excitement. She wants to paint the peacocks! She loves the color and elegance of the stunning birds and who can blame her? It takes a special soul to be able to paint the intricate details that a peacock feather has, let alone enough for the entire display of splendor that a peacock is always willing to perform. If there was ever a soul capable of such a responsibility, gno doubt it is she. The garden is a prettier place with her touch of magic.

Protectors of the Pumpkin Patch

Perhaps you have heard the saying that great things come in tiny packages? There is gno gnome who understands this better than this tiny lady, after all she may look tiny to you and me but she has a great big responsibility. She has been given the honored title of Protector of the Tiny Treasures. The title sounds impressive and the job description is gno different. It’s her responsibility to protect those items that are most beloved by one particularly deserving soul. In this case, though the deserving child may look small to you and me and her beloved treasures may seem unimportant to the common passerby, only children with the biggest of souls, kindest of hearts and the greatest of potentials are assigned special protectors such as this one. And just what are this child’s tiny treasures of great importance? Why they’re her dummy and her blanket of course! When the sweet child has so much potential to fill, it’s assuring to know that there is a gnome who protects her treasures, making sure they’re always close by when gneeded. That way, the child is sure to grow into the confidence and self assurance of which she is fully capable and deserving. Like a Bird, she will spread her wings and fly!