Thursday, September 20, 2012


Look up the word "regal" in any good Gnomish dictionary and you will see it defined as "of gnotable excellence or magnificence." Spend even a moment with this tiny soul and gno doubt you will understand why it's the perfect word to describe her. She's splendid, indeed! She has always loved Gnomish history, particularly the "golden" season when the garden saw the flowering of poetry, music and literature. Oh that was a regal season! If only she could go back in time to live back then. Sigh. Alas, gnot even the gnomes know the secrets to time travel and she finds that her only alternative is to watch the dramas and read the books.  She finds herself in a far off garden and it makes her feel like she has wings to fly.  Little does she know that it's actually her heart of gold that gives her those wings.  With or without the stories of Gnomish history, she is regal indeed - as everygnome with a heart of gold is.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

True Colors

There once was a young gnome who lived in a particularly plain garden.  The garden didn't have much color, all the gnomes around him were able to appreciate the simple contrast between one shade of brown and the gnext.  Though he couldn't fault his loved ones for this, he also believed in his heart that he was destined to be more colorful than that.  Maybe it was the occasional glimpse of a rainbow in the sky that did it, but he knew that his heart was full of more color than his garden would allow.  The sun would set and rise again, and this little soul would try to hide his beautiful heart with a smile on his face.  You can imagine his surprise when one day he happened to meet a particularly colorful soul.  He knew in an instant that they would be great friends.  What he didn't know, though, was that it wouldn't take long before his friend's colors would start rubbing off onto him.  If only we could all remember the lesson he learned that day.  Surround yourself with friends who love you for who you are, and you're sure to brighten the garden with your true colors!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This wee artistic soul has always dreampt of going to a gnew garden, one that inspires him.  And he knows just the place!  It's just beyond the big blue stream - the Garden of Lights!  It's a wondrous place where the lightning bugs twinkle around the Tour d'Lis, a grand iris monument built back in the day for the Gnome's Fair.  When you see the twinkling lights, your eyes can't help but twinkle right along.  What more will Gnomet find there?  Perhaps a stroll through the gardens will give him inspiration?  Or maybe a hot cup of cafĂ© will warm up his painting palette?  Maybe he'll even find a bit of l'amour?  If he paints what's in his heart, I'm sure his work will be remembered for seasons to come!

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Roots

Do you remember when we were just gnomelings? It seemed that we were always moving to a gnew corner of the garden every season or two, sometimes right in the middle of the harvest season! We lived all over the garden, and as such, many might assume that it was difficult for us to find our roots. And with a family as small as ours, it was sometimes difficult to determine where our place in the garden would be. It seems like so many seasons ago! Perhaps I've gnever told you this before but I'll let you in on a little secret. I was gnever scared. I always knew where my roots were and where I would bloom in the garden. I always knew because I had you to look up to. Even as a young gnomeling I knew you had a sense of strength and confidence that left others in awe. Even though being uprooted was a common thing for us, you taught me how to bloom where I'm planted. My roots are my family, and some say that the resulting flowers we've managed to grow are the brightest in all the garden. I've been able to add so much beauty to my little corner of the garden, all because I looked up to you to show me how. Thank you.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Keeper of the Holly

Meet Holly. She has a very important job to do this holiday season. She is responsible for protecting the coveted holly berries. To help keep them safe, she was sure to request that the holly leaves be prickly - a good idea indeed! She has to be sure to keep the red berries safe all the way up until Christmas day, when the gnomes in the community use them to decorate for their wondrous festivities. The Christmas festival would gnot be gnearly as merry without the bright red berries. After all, in this season it's hard to find anything with that much color! Just imagine a Christmas without the color red. Yeah, I can't either. I guess it goes to show that Holly knows her stuff. Oh I'm so glad they assigned her to the job!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Warm Winter Gnuzzles

Ask anygnome in the garden why they love the Christmas season so much and gno doubt they'll jump at the opportunity to tell you a reason or two. It's the sparkly lights! It's the roasted chestnuts! It's all the glittery tinsel! It's decorating the Christmas tree! It's building a snowman! Gno, wait, snow angels! Hot cocoa! It's being able to see my breath in the cool winter air. It's the smile on somegnome's face when you give them a gift. It's the sparkle in a child's eyes as they take in all the magic the season has to offer. It's warm fuzzy thoughts and cool crisp mornings. The gnomes even get a chuckle out of the fact that the elves seem to get so involved in the season. Sure, there are lots of reasons to love the Christmas season but ask either of these two beautiful souls and they'd say "Yep, all the above!" They love it all. Better than any other gnomes I know, they understand that the REAL magic that makes all the other things possible is the love from family and friends. There is gnothing better than warm winter gnuzzles with a loved one. Snuggle up to somegnome you love, and the rest? Well it's just the extra fun details on top.

These two have magnets inside their noses! How fun is that? If they get close to each other, they can't help but gnuzzle! They have THAT much love to share!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Guardian Angel

I'm sure there have been moments in your life where you have felt challenged beyond your control. Sometimes it may seem that your little body is not strong enough to handle the tough tasks it has been given. That's where this little gnomette comes in. This tiny little guardian has a very big job! And she loves every moment of it! She flutters around looking for just the right person to help, somegnome who needs a word or two of encouragement. The gnomette has now found a beautiful soul in need of her tiny positive thoughts and she doesn't hesitate to get to work quickly. She whispers so lightly in her new friend's ear that she is barely audible, but she knows that's all it takes for a reminder of the spark for life that still grows strong inside. With these tiny little whisperings of love and hope we are reminded that we are stronger than our bodies may seem. Life is good. Life is beautiful, and with this little lady by your side, that's an easy thing to remember.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sweet and Sassy

This little soul is full of Grace. She has the perfect amount of sweet with a touch of sassy and is such a joy to be around. She is a typical gnometeen who does gnot go anywhere in the garden or do any frollicking of any sorts without her i-phone. It's gno secret that she has had a very difficult season and after all she's been through, it's a small miracle (or a big one if you ask me) that she's still able to hop around the garden on both legs. It hasn't been easy to say the least but she has been so brave and so strong, far more than one would expect from someone with such a little body as she. I certainly hope that she knows how much those in the garden around her love the little bits of sweetness she leaves wherever she may go, and how much her hint of sassiness makes everygnome smile when they think of her. Gno doubt that she is surrounded by gnomes who want her to know how much they love her. The garden is so much sweeter with her in it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

At the Rainbow's End

Oh my gnomes! Just look at this sporty little soul. Ever since she was a tiny gnomeling, rainbows have made her loved ones think of her. She used to love to draw rainbows for them because she knew how much everygnome loves rainbows, and putting a smile on a loved ones face would always make her feel warm and fuzzy inside. As the seasons past, she continued to seek out ways to touch the lives of her loved ones with a bit of rainbow magic. One day she saw a paricularly bright rainbow and decided to search for the pot of gold at the end. Perhaps the sparkles from the gold would make her loved ones eyes sparkle just a bit more? Off she hopped, and when she finally stumbled upon the end of the rainbow she was shocked at what she saw. The pot of gold was actually a football! In case you were gnot aware, she was mad about football and simply had to do a little happy dance. Ever since that day, her loved ones enjoy gnothing more than watching her show off her skills, each with a special twinkle of happiness in their eyes as they watch how much fun she has on the field. What a great gift she is to those who know her!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Find Your Gnitch

Sometimes one might find themselves wondering how will they make the garden a better place. It may seem like it's gnearly impossible for such a tiny soul to make any difference in such a big garden. I'll let you in on a secret. Ask anygnome and they'd tell you the same thing. The secret is to find your gnitch. Find the little thing that encourages you to be the happiest you can be. Gnomish belief has it that if you're happy, then the effect you have on the garden around you WILL make it a better place. I happen to know a young girl who only recently found her little gnitch, and here she is! A gnitch of love. And gnow that she has found her gnitch, I'm sure those around her will gnever feel in gneed of more love.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Thanksgiving Gang

These crazy little souls might very well have the easiest job in the entire garden, though it's importance may make you think otherwise. This gang of friends has always been very thankful for having each other in their lives. There is nothing more special than being with loved ones and they don't take that for granted. Soon they became known as the Thanksgiving Gang because it seemed that they were always so thankful. It should come as no surprise that because of their close bond the gnome community decided to give the Thanksgiving Gang a very important job. They're responsible for making sure the others in the garden are as thankful as can be. As you can imagine, this turned out to be quite a simple job because everygnome in the garden knows with every ounce of their body that there is a lot to be thankful for. The green grass, the falling leaves, cozy homes under a mushroom, a warm summer's breeze, hot cocoa in the winter time... What are you thankful for today?

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Everygnome remembers the stories about Puff. You might even remember him as a magic sort of dragon who befriended a little boy named Jackie Paper. Chances are, though, you haven't heard the beginning of Puff's story. Before his adventures with the imaginative little boy began, little Puff had a big responsibility in the garden. It was his job to make the autumn leaves dance through the air as they tumbled down from the branches to the ground. He would stand as tall as he could possibly imagine himself being and blow the biggest tiny puff of air he could possibly manage. Without fail, it would be just enough to create a magical dance between two leaves as they would glide to the ground. Have you ever witnessed the autumn dance of two leaves? Then you were one of the lucky ones who saw the work of little Puff.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Proud Scotsgnome

McScotty is proud to be a member of his giggle, he is gnever without his tartan.
While many might poke fun at his "skirt", he knows wearing a kilt proves him brave and manly. Ever since he was a young gnomeling he wanted to learn to play the music of his heritage. After all, bag pipes are his favorite sound. As you know, only a proud Scotsgnome can say that. When McScotty wasn't busy sitting on the moors or tending to the sheep, one could find him playing his pipes in the early morning mist with the sound echoing off the hills. As is gnotes filled the air, he would dream of the day when he could pick up the pipes and play for a grand joyous occasion. After many seasons of practicing and waiting, such an opportunity presented itself and he couldn't pass it up. He was invited to play his pipes at the joyous reunion of two gnomes in love! Some might question why he was asked to do so, as the groom wasn't really big into the Scottish culture and it was rumored he might gnot even like the bagpipes! However, it was the bride who insisted. McScotty didn't care about the reasons. He was just excited to finally be able to play his pipes in celebration of love!

Friday, September 7, 2012

The One and ONLY Bob Ross

This little gnome found his true joy: painting. He didn't always paint, but when he decided to make it his life, he was a success! Everygnome in the garden knows him by his images. By recording how to paint, any gnome in the garden could watch while painting too. His gentle voice and encouragement inspired and calmed and really helped the creativity of many gnomes. This painter's calming voice, gnot only was memorable to his audience, but he would even soothe wild critters that he had on the show with him! He believed that everyday was a good day when you painted and that it brought a lot of good thoughts to your heart. He saw the garden as a happy wonderful place and would make sure all the happy little clouds and trees made it in his paintings. He also believed while painting, there were no mistakes, only happy accidents. What a wonderful soul he was as he touched so many in the garden!

I know as a gnomeling, I would watch my dad paint while watching the program.
- Phoe-Gnix.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Steam Punk

The garden is full of magic isn't it? And yet, you can familiarize yourself with the certain types of magic you may see everyday in the garden. One gnome dreams of "what if's". What if he discovered a magical source of power? What if instead of flowers growing millimeters per day, he could use this power to grow them inches per day. What an energy source! Better yet, what if this power source was discovered over a hundred years ago. Instead of the gnomes using snails to traverse the garden, what if back then, you could harness this magical power and had steam powered snails that even flew! I bet with enough tubes, cogwheels, and inventing, he could have made it work. Putting his pocketwatch back into his vest pocket and adjusting his felt derby, he looks toward the sky. Yes, he could have invented that....

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beyond Buttons

There's an old Gnomish saying that goes something like this - "May your gnest be warm, may your loved ones be cozy and may you move beyond the buttons of your life." Beautiful, don't you think? True, it may make gno sense to you and me, but here's how it was explained to me. The saying "making buttons" was introduced to the Gnomish culture some seasons back by a wise elder. It was her way of saying that she's worried or a little stressed about something. While gnomes do gnot love to worry, they love the phrase. It reminds them of taking something less than happy and creating something positive from it. This little soul is a wonderful example! Just look at the way she turns to her crafting if she is feeling even a tiny bit worried or stressed. Making something beautiful always brings her joy. You could say it helps her get beyond her "buttons." What an inspiration to us all!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Midnight by the Beach

There is no calmer place than the beach. Being at the beach reminds this tiny soul of her days as a gnomeling. Most of her good memories are those spent at the beach. Even now whenever she feels a bit sad or stressed, she will find herself heading towards the beach. It just takes all her worries away. She loves the sound of the lake and the feel of the sand under her feet. Midnight by the beach simply adds to its perfection. Just look at the stars and the moon above! Seeing just how beautify the midnight sky is reminds her of loved ones from long ago. Whoo Whoo? Aw, that's for the soul to know and the heart to fondly remember.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Squeegee and His Snails

In a secret hidden corner of the garden there lives a special Giggle of gnomes called the Gnomlins. Some say they're a cross between gnomes and goblins as they're quite mischeivious little souls. They live in forests, usually in the roots of trees and are very gnaughty. You may be surprised to hear, but Gnomlins are terrified of fairies. Fairies watch over snails and keept hem safe (snail trails are used to mend broken fairy wings, of course), and what do you suppose is a Gnomlin's vaorite thing to eat? Snails! Especially with a bit of garlic. Mmmm good. There is, however, one particularly little Gnomlin named Squeegee, who has a guilty secret - he adores snails! Like the snails from other parts of the garden in other Gnomish communities, they are his best friends. Snails make wonderful friends. They love to play chase, or give him rides. Best of all, they love to snuggle! No doubt about it, it's a friendship for the history books. Psst... I'll tell you something more. I have a hunch that little Squeegee also likes fairies but hasn't admitted to that yet. Just wait until the rest of the Gnomlin community finds out!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Truth About Magic

You may not believe in magic, but those in the gnome community have gno doubts that magic exists in every corner of the garden. After all, if magic doesn't exist then doesn't that mean gnomes don't exist either? What gnonsense. Look at this little gnome. You can see him with your very own eyes and touch him with your very own fingers. Of course he exists! I'll let you in on a secret. Wanna know the truth about magic? Just open your eyes and chances are you'll find yourself staring straight at real magic. It's the dew drop diamonds on a morning flower. It's the the sun setting in the west only to rise again in the east. It's an fairy of lost treasures disguised as a person doing a good deed. A seed doesn't gneed to be told how to become a flower. It's found in laughter. How is it that one can find themselves laughing even if their heart is breaking? I'll gnever know. And that's the beauty of it all. The truth about magic? If you'd ask this little soul, he'd tell you it's sunshine rain. He knows because he's the one who makes it possible for the raindrops to fall in spite of the sun shining brightly above. How he does it does gnot matter. What matters is if you take the time to gnotice.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lean on Me

Pssst... come a little closer and I'll tell you a little secret. Closer... Closer... Smooch! You are loved! Hehehe, so it was gnot much of a secret but I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I'm here for you if you ever do gneed somegnome to lean on. The way I figure it, there is gnothing I'd rather do than support you so that you know how gnomazing you really are. Such a kind soul you have, I am certain there is gnothing you can't achieve. Yes, even tiny gnomes like yourself have such great potential. Lean on me so that you may be able to reach the stars I know you deserve.