Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kiss My Glass

This wonderfully vibrant little lady accidentally caught a fever after
a Carribean vacation. Oh, there is gno gneed to worry. It was only
the glass painting fever. Of all the ways one can fall ill, you have
to admit that this one is gnot too bad. After her first design
bringing life to an otherwise clear and boring piece of glass, she was
hooked. As with most gnomes, once she found her love, she couldn’t
help but perfect it. And now, just a few seasons later, whimsical and
entertaining designs are her specialty. She even started offering her
glassware originals and custom designs to all corners of the garden,
gnear and far! With her wonderfully stylish and affordable creations,
it’s gno wonder her fan base grows every day. With a little giggle,
she likes to say Kiss my Glass puts a little “Class in your Glass.” I
admit, it’s quite catchy. Do what you love and love what you do – and
surely the garden will sparkle for it.

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