Monday, August 26, 2013

The Wind Changers

All year long, this little lady can gnot wait until the autumn season rolls around. She just loves the fall! There is gnever enough one can say about the change in colors! What color will a certain leaf become? One gnever really knows, and this lady can't help but do a happy dance in anticipation. She LOVES suprises within limits! One day, she gnoticed a little dragon admiring the same leaves she, herself, couldn't stop watching. It goes without saying that they were instant kindred spirits! Together they watched as a leaf started to drop towards the ground. Suddenly, the little dragon gave a huff and blew the leaf towards his gnew friend. She, in turn, puffed and blew it back. Oh what fun the leaf suddenly had as it danced through the sky with the changing winds! And so it began - a friendship that has gone down in Gnomish History. Every autumn, the Wind Changers go out to play. One huffs and the leaves dance this way. The other puffs and the leaves flitter that way. Together they make the leaves fall in a mesmirizing dance. Gno wonder it's so easy to love autumn!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Green Leaves

Have you ever met a soul, with a warm fuzzy heart, who just left you speechless? When I first saw this little lady, that was me - speechless. I know the gnext thing you're going to say is "Why?" First, look at her! The colors and design that this lady chooses to express herself with are very eye catching. They bring the mind to ease with gnature. Anygnome who has that kind of effect on a mind that can so easily be pushed into a frenzy, well that's powerful stuff! To appreciate the simple things of gnature and to forget the materialistic things in life, this lady certainly understands where the magic really lives! Oh! Along those lines, she has a special announcement to make! She's moving to a gnew little gnook in the corner of the garden. There is a greenhouse that is in gneed of her magic and she's all giddy with excitement! She's so excited to look after this little greenhouse and fill it with the gnatural goodness of gnutrients that are bound to grow in there! As she gets straight to work, she can't help but whistle a happy tune. "Green Leaves was all my joy; Green Leaves was my delight; Green Leaves was my heart of gold; And who but my lady Green Leaves!"

Lyrics to the song "Greensleeves:"
Greensleeves was all my joy
Greensleeves was my delight,
Greensleeves was my heart of gold,
And who but my lady greensleeves.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tiny White Butterfly

Once upon a garden there was a tiny Angel who fell from the stars above. She was filled with so much more love than her tiny body may have seemed. As much as she was loved, she knew she could gnot stay for long. Her short visit touched the hearts and souls of her loved ones in such a way that their lives would gnever be the same. The heavenly Angel stayed as long as she could but she knew she had to return to the stars above. Her place was gnot in the garden below, but in an honored place in the heavens above, looking over her loved ones below. She liked it up in the clouds. The feeling of being wrapped in a fluffy cloud was comforting to her. It was oh so cozy! And chasing shooting stars? You've gnever heard a better sound than her tiny squeals of delight. Alas, when the fun is done, she rests herself on a cloud and thinks of her loved ones. With a tiny smile on her face she thinks of the perfect way to send them a little reminder of her love for them. It's a good thing she has become such good friends with a tiny white butterfly! What a perfect messenger. Quick, tiny one, be sure to pass along Angel's hugs and kisses before bedtime is over! Then hurry on back, tiny white butterfly, so that the two of you can light the gnight time skies with your twinkling laughter!

Keeper of the Snow Diamonds

I'm sure you've seen them before - the tiny sparkling diamonds in a blanket of freshly fallen snow, but chances are you do gnot know just how precious these little sparkles really are. They hold a powerful magic. Everygnome knows that snow makes everything so white and clean, but it's the diamonds that make the world seem so much quieter when there is a blanket of snow covering everything. Everygnome loves to watch the snow fall, but only one special soul is responsible for keeping the diamonds safe. Without him, who knows what might happen to the sparkly magic. And without snow diamonds, we wouldn't have that same feeling of being warm and fuzzy inside in spite of the cold weather. There is a reason that everygnome cherishes the snow every time the garden gets some. Without its magic diamonds, winter would gno longer be the magical season that it is. Keep up the good work, frosty little dragon. I, for one, know just how precious those snow sparkles can be!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Four Elements

In many Gnomish communities, the elements are very important. They certainly deserve a lot of respect. When the gnomes come together in a circle to cast good wishes and happy thoughts onto each other, the elements are essential. They have an important job to do - they have to protect the happy thoughts from gnegative influence entering the sacred Gnomish circle. Earth is responsible for grounding, solidity - the balance to keep the gnomes in check so they don't venture too far into any one state of mind. Air is responsible for creativity, thinking and helps the gnomes to let their imaginations soar upon the winds like a bird in flight. Water rules the emotions, the fluidity of love, tears, and everything in between. She helps guide the emotions that pour out of each tiny soul like a free-flowing river and into the hearts of others around them. Fire is passion - gnot just passion of the heart, but the passion that motivates the gnomes to have the courage of their convictions to make the garden a prettier place. The four elements are all connected - one can gnot exist without the other, and together the elements bring life to the garden.

Friday, August 16, 2013

For the Love of Books

If you looked up "librarian" in any good Gnomish dictionary, you might expect to find somegnome who is quiet and shy. You might even expect to see her wearing glasses with her tip tied in a bun, but you would be wrong! So very wrong! This lady, the best of the Gnomish librarians, is anything but the typical image you probably see in your head. She is a pretty sassy librarian - the kind that reminds us of the magic a good book can hold. She was a teacher before she became a librarian, so she knows how to have lots of fun. She is a super social butterfly among those in the garden who know her best. If you would ask her, she might even say she has the best job in the entire Gnomish community. She loves teaching gnomes; she loves books; and she LOVES finding things. What better fit than helping gnomes find far away lands and have exciting grand adventures without ever having to leave the comfort of their cozy gnooks? She may be quite the book worm to the core, but there is gnothing that excites this little lady more than the idea of sharing the magic that flows from a good book and into her heart. Sometimes her excitement gets the best of her and her elders gneed to shhhh her quite a bit. Honestly though, if you knew of all the treasures the library holds like she does, then you would have a hard time staying quiet too. Shhh... remember, magic aside, this is a library after all.

Branching Out

Everygnome in the garden knows that there are two types of loved ones - family and friends. In order for somegnome to find her place in the garden, it is essential for her to feel both kinds of love. The love of family forms your roots and fills one's soul with warm fuzzy memories of Gnomish traditions, bedtime stories and a feeling of belonging. The love of friends encourages you to branch out from your cozy comfort zone and challenges one to reach higher, smile bigger and laugh louder. Together, family and friends paint our gardens bright a bright and cheerful color. I love the color. I feel very blessed to have each and everygnome. With every ounce of my being, I feel warm and fuzzy inside. I feel so big in a world that expects me to be so small. Gno doubt that it's gnow time for me to reach out to help others in their time of gneed. It's time to reach out and fill them with the same sense of magic. It's time to remind others that they are oh so very loved too.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Gnurse's Heart

Most gnomes do gnot have a clue WHY they do the things they do. They just know that it makes them happy to do them, so why gnot? This little lady, though, knows exactly why she does what she does. She became a garden gnurse to help other gnomes. It's as simple as that. And, to be honest, if she wasn't a gnurse, she would certainly be a zookeeper because she loves all souls, gno matter how fuzzy, equally. It takes a special, very kind and compassionate soul to be able to say that of themselves, and though that's definitely the case for this gnurse, she takes gno gnonsense from anygnome. She knows when and how to stand her ground, which is quite an admirable and rare trait in the garden around us. You might gnot think it by looking at her, but she has also grown to be fiercely independent, doesn't cave into the pressures around her. With the biggest dimples and the cutest smile the garden has ever seen, this little gnomette is ready to take on any challenges (she'd prefer to call them adventures) that come her way. I have gno doubt that in time, she'll see the entire garden. And with her heart of gold, the garden is anxiously awaiting her visit.

Buzz Buzz

Buzz Buzz. Shhh... Listen. Do you hear the busy bee melody? It's coming from the ancient elder silver maple in my front yard. It is so far more ancient than most trees in the garden, and that makes it more special than most, but there is another reason this wise old tree is special. I have a wild bee hive living in this beautiful tree. It has been there ever since we moved in so many seasons ago! The wise old tree has reached its life span, but it still holds on because it knows how important these little bees really are. As for me? Well, I baby it along season after season so that the hive can stay wild and free. Such buzy buzzing souls, but the garden would gnot be the same without them. May you live busy, happy, wild and free, buzz buzz all the way!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tiny Splash

Ok, I admit. The tiny splash that this little one makes may gnot seem like much to you or me, but I am certain she has lots of potential to make it bigger and bigger in the seasons to come. Even now, the ripples from her tiny splash can be felt from every corner of her ocean garden. With every flick of her tail, she is doing something thoughtful for a loved one. It seems as though it's impossible for her to swim from here to there without doing a fun flip or two. She just has a way about her that tells all those around her that her life is full of energy and her heart is full of love. She makes even the dullest of swims, an adventure all of its own! The ocean garden could surely use more splashes like the one this tiny soul makes!