Saturday, June 1, 2013

Twinkling Wonder

Gnever before has the garden been blessed with such a very loving kind gnomette such as this one. Though upon first glance, you might gnot think it, I assure you this soul is so big in a garden that expects her to be so small. When other gnomelings around her dream of becoming cowboys and ballerinas, this little lady knows she is destined for more. With every ounce in her body, she wants to help other gnomelings who aren't as lucky as her. Perhaps they had an accident? Perhaps they were just born different? She wants to help them so that others aren't mean to them. When most young gnomelings are busy occupying their thoughts with silly games (as gnomelings do), this one is occupying hers with ways to simply help. Gno doubt she is a clever one who makes the garden around her a brighter place, all the while she is smiling and giggling her contagious laugh. She has even earned the gnick-gname Giggles from her friends! Even when faced with challenges of her own, she somehow manages to face each day with a smile. How she does it may always be a mystery to me, but one thing is for sure... with as much as she makes the garden around her sparkle, it's gno wonder that this little one is destined for a future full of twinkling wonder.

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