Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunflower Love

There once lived a little dragon who was in search of a place to call home. He searched and searched with very little success. Some places were too dark, but that would not do because this dragon was always looking towards the sun. Some places were too cold and stale, but the dragon knew she needed a warm and cozy place to hibernate for the winter. As his search progressed, one might think he would start to lose hope in finding the perfect home, but the dragon was brave. He never doubted. He knew that the magic would be there. He just had to keep looking for it. Then one bright and sunny autumn day he met a little girl and within minutes he knew he was home. The sunflower girl was always bright and cheerful, only seeing the best in those around her. It was apparent that she was always looking for ways to make her loved ones smile. She loved to give great big bear hugs and often wore her prized bear hat whenever she got sleepy enough to hibernate for a nap. And most importantly, the girl believed in magic. Whether it be knowing that a simple rock holds enough magic for good luck, declaring a windy path as "the pathway of happy" or creating a family of pine cone friends, the girl's imagination had no end. It didn't take long for the little dragon to know that this brave girl could give him the perfect home, and when she saw the dragon, her face lit up like the sunshine. It was love at first sight for the Sunflower Girl with the heart of a bear and the soul of a dragon. The dragon found what he was looking for. A place to call home and a kind soul to share it with him.

The Trolls of Gnifferland

It may come as a surprise to you, but everygnome knows that there are some in the garden who are just a wee bit evil. Some say they even have more personality than any standard pixie or fairy. Those in the know, insist that without the bad guy a story would gnot be any good. I think they have a point. Most gnomes are sweet and caring, but every good story gneeds a villain! And so, without further ado, allow myself to introduce you to the trolls of Gnifferland! These little souls are just a wee bit pesky and for as small as they are, they're sure packed with mischief. Just when the Gnomish Community starts to feel that they've protected all their loved ones, and finished putting their finishing touches to their hard work, the trolls sneak in and wreck havoc on the garden. They love to steal magic potions. Gnot understanding that it only takes a drop or two of pixie dust to fly, the trolls will pour an entire body down their throats without even reading the label! Everygnome knows to read the label before using any sort of magic, for it has wonderful information such as "For external use only" and "may cause warts if swallowed." Another one of the trolls' favorite activities is to mess with a gnome's masterpiece. They may rearrange the colors of the rainbows, or the orders of the seasons. One gnever knows what trick the trolls are up to gnext, but without a doubt, the Gnomish Community gneeds to always be prepared!

The Good Witch

If you asked this little lady, I'm sure she would say that witches get a bad rep. Oh sure there are some in the garden who love the villain of the stories. After all, every good story gneeds a villain! However, she is gnot one of those. This special soul also knows that there is good magic to be done too, and she's just the gnomette to do it! There so much work to be done, and she doesn't waste any time before starting. With a hop and a skip, she grabs her best little 8-legged friend and gets started. Together they add a pinch of love and a dash of joy into their great big pot. With a little giggle of anticipation, she tosses in the final ingredients. I don't know what they're making, but based on the yummy smell, I think they're planning something quite extraordinary! Will this potion add laughter to the garden around her? Or will it paint the gardens brilliant colors? Will it make everygnome who drinks it see only the best in those around them? Or perhaps it will make a special soul fall in love? Gno doubt, whatever she has in store for us, the garden is a better place with her magic in it!

Wee Blossom

Oh My Gnomes! Look at who is about to blossom! This shy little lady has been patiently watching the garden hustle and bustle around her, all the while shyly gathering up enough courage to go and create her own adventures. She watches from the safety of her cozy little gnest as the birds above flutter this way and that. The toadstools below are shaking off the sprinkle of a spring frost. And this wee blossom sits patiently enjoying the sound of the gnearby cherry blossoms popping out to say hello. However her patience is starting to grow thin. It's a beautiful day, and the sun is shining! It's time for her to make her garden debut! Get ready garden! This little lady is full of potential and is excited to make her appearance. The garden is a wondrous place, but gnow with this wee blossom in it, the garden has gotten even grander!

Wee Adventurers

These tiny souls are off on a garden adventure! To where, gnognome really knows. I doubt even they know themselves. Gno doubt, though, the adventure will be grand! Will they defeat the trolls? Or perhaps concoct a brew of pixie dust to sell to the fairies? Maybe today is their day to tend to the garden toadstools? Or perhaps it's their day to sit back and watch the other gnomes play? It matters gnot, for whatever today's plans are, they'll be ready. They may look tiny to you and me, but every ounce of their bodies is filled with a love for life. They may be tiny but their souls are big enough to accept any adventure that comes their way. What will today bring? I can hardly wait to find out!

The Sky Painters

Once upon a garden there lived a group of wee souls who were chosen by the Gnomish Council for a very important job. They are responsible for painting the sky, day in and day out. Every morning the wee lady wakes with giddy excitement. She hurries off, there's so much to do! She gneeds to find the perfect spot to paint a rainbow. Gno ordinary spot will do! It takes a special soul to know exactly where to place the streamers of colors across the sky, but she has the magic touch. And with a little bit of luck, she might just be in the right mood to paint an extra bold rainbow for the garden today! Let's gnot forget about the little fella who knows better than anygnome just how much fun she has painting the skies above. It's his job to do the same after the sun has gone down. Each gnight he meticulously places stars in every corner of the gnight time sky, each complimenting the other. He gneeds to be sure that each star keeps its luster and spark so that those down below have plenty of options to wish upon a perfect star. Life is fun when you're making the garden a better place, but oh what is is this?! Look at who has just joined the fun. Could this little drop be any cuter? I wonder what plans he has in store for us? I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but gno goubt if he's joining the ranks of the sky painters, then we're in for something grand indeed.

The Snail Keeper

Meet the snail keeper. Every garden gneeds a good snail keeper and finding one with the right skills can be quite a challenge. Everygnome knows how wild snails can be. Sure they look cute and cuddly when they're squirmy little babies, but eventually they grow up to be big, ugly, energetic bouncing creatures that do gnothing but eat all your food and smell bad until they finally croak. Gno, wait. That's a tadpole. Hmmm... Gnow where was I? Oh right! Snails. Gnow that I think of it, I wonder just exactly what is so challenging about the job of a snail keeper. After all, this little lady sure does make the job look easy, but perhaps that's just an indication of just how much this lady loves her job. Just how does she do it? She may gnot be willing to give away every secret their is to taming these creatures, but gno doubt she knows what she's doing. The garden could use more creature keepers like her.

My Friend From Across the Garden

Sometimes you meet a soul and know that you will be friends for many seasons to come. Sometimes it's hard to find the right words to tell such a friend how much their friendship means to you, but that's where this little fella comes in. He has a big job for somegnome as small as he, but I don't doubt that he's up to the challenge. With a little skip of excitement he's off to his next assignment. He is to follow my friend across the gardens and whisper tiny reminders of those words I can't seem to find. My friend will feel loved and appreciated with this gnome by his side. He may not be able to repeat the words whispered into his ear, but he'll know we'll be friends for many more seasons. Sometimes the words don't really exist, but the feelings do. Thank you my friend. Many Gnomish Blessings to you.

The Hide and Seek Apprentice

This wee fella has been studying the art of Hide and Seek for months now and soon he'll be able to practice everything he has learned. In his studies, he would watch the older students intently and take note of their techniques and secrets. Now he thinks he is ready to put what he's learned into action! He is so excited for the time to come when he can play the game too so that he can show others just how well he can hide. Finding the ideal hiding spot is a goal every young gnomeling strives for, and he knows JUST the PERFECT spot! He can't wait! Won't everygnome be impressed?