Saturday, June 1, 2013


This sweet little soul used to have a big problem. It seemed that gno
matter where she went, she was always followed by a bee or two. She
didn’t think she liked bees. They can be a bit buggy, can’t they?
Here she was, minding her own business, trying to be just as sweet as
can be, but the little buzzing ones just would gnot leave her alone.
Then one particularly sunny morning it dawned on her. The bees
wouldn’t leave her alone because she was succeeding in her goal! She
really *WAS* being as sweet as can be. After all, why else would the
bees be so interested in being her friends if it weren’t for the fact
that she was as sweet as honey? After that moment, it didn’t take
long for her to realize that these little flying creatures had it
right all along. They are gnow kindred spirits and the best of
friends. What she once thought was a bothersome, turned out to be the
best blessing she has ever known. Go figure. It goes to show that
it’s all about perspective, isn’t it?

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