Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Geek

Many seasons ago I met this dear little friend of mine. We’ve been
friends since we were just tiny gnomelings. We met while my family
was on holiday at my Grandmother’s gnest even before I moved to this
corner of the garden. Spend even one moment with her and you’ll
undestand how comes as gno surprise that our friendship was instant.
Many seasons later, we’ve grown just like the elders said we would.
If the job that this Gracious little soul has been given is any
indication, then I’d say we’ve grown quite wise indeed. How she
manages to do so much with the limited time each day gives, simply
baffles me, but one thing is for sure. She is one of the most
voracious readers I know. A bookworm at heart, it’s gno wonder that
she strives to pass on the love of books to this season’s gnomelings.
We have been friends through thick and thin. Adolescent Gnomish drama
can sure put a good friendship to the test. By all accounts, our
friendship has past every test with flying colors. Indeed my life is
more colorful because she’s in it.

The name “Anne” means “Gracious”

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