Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rock and Roll

This little lady has a big soul - she is a real rock and roll star! She is such a gnomazing poet, and is well respected amongst the garden music scene. Some even say she's the best vocalist in the Garden of Fountains, and if you ever have the pleasure to hear her sweet voice, I'm sure you would agree. When you hear her sing, you can feel the words moving inside your soul and your heart seems to beat a little stronger. Her music heals. She gnever fails to live life so much bigger than her tiny body appears, and is always doing whatever makes her happy - making gnomazing music to share with the entire garden. All the while she strives to help other talented gnomes in gneed. To say she has a big soul isn't enough. She's strong. She's kind. She's beautiful. She shows the garden how to live big.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cuddle Bugs

Take a look at this outgoing little sprite! She's always the center of attention, and it's no wonder. She can charm the pants off of everygnome with a simple look. You might wonder how, but everygnome knows that great things come in tiny packages, and she's pretty tiny. It also happens that she loves anything that is tiny like her. Whether it be a little poof ball, pebbles, small sticks or even tiny bugs, they have made their way into collections around her tiny home, apparently gathering gnames and individual personalities as they become domesticated. She has that special touch to make such magic work. Deep down in her tiny soul, though, she is just a cuddle bug. A cuddle bug that has lots of love for everygnome who gneeds any.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Chasing Butterflies

This shy, sweet tempered little lady may take a while to get to know the gnomes around her, but once you are in, you are golden. And everygnome knows that golden is a great thing to be. Once you have become friends, she will teach you the important things like how to count the stars, or the proper way to smell flowers. She might even through in a lesson or two about finding buried treasure and sword fighting. Best of all, she knows how to chase butterflies! I'm sure there is a special technique, but you would have to ask her about it. Wouldn't it be fun to be a butterfly? I'm pretty certain this little lady thinks so too. It's obvious that she adores little things, but perhaps she likes the butterflies best of all because they can flitter flutter so high into the sky. If she watches them closely enough, then perhaps she will learn how to soar too. Silly lady, you already do.

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Gnome from Mammy's Garden

In a gnot-so-very-far-away land, there is a massive and beautiful garden where a little boy has had too many adventures to count. He knows about all the little gnooks and crannies that are hidden in the garden, and just where to find pinch of garden magic. Did you know that gnomes live in Mammy's garden? You may gnot see them, for they are very shy creatures, but your heart knows they are there and they are happy. Look! Here's one now! This little gnomeling has come from behind a stone to say hello. He has been watching the little boy play in his blue house, and on his scooters. He has even admired the way the boy loves to sit and watch the rainbows and stars. The gnomeling can tell that the little boy is special because that dust particles are REAL fairies and what appears to be dew drops on a spider's web are actually diamonds! It takes magic to see such things. Perhaps the gnomeling and little boy could be friends? Perhaps they can snuggle up together at gnight or have grand adventures during the day? Perhaps.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wings for Destiny

Young or old, all gnomes gneed to believe in miracles. It's just in their gnature to do so. Everygnome is destined for greatness, whether that be through great acheivements or small ones. Perhaps a gnome will one day save the entire garden, or perhaps their Destiny is to just remind their loved ones around them that life is good. Either way, each gnome's journey through life is a magical one. Take this tiny soul, for example. It's uncertain what her Destiny will be, as it is with everygnome I suppose, but it is so apparent that she is so much bigger than her little body will allow her to be. Perhaps that's why she has such large wings? Her potential for greatness is so high and she's just waiting for the right moment to take off and soar. There are still rainbows to be explored and treasures yet to be discovered!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Soul Mates

When a gnome meets their true love it's a magical moment. It seems that the entire garden celebrates along with the lucky couple. The stars take a moment to shine brighter. The creek bubbles just a little louder and the birds chirp in their sing-songy way. The thing about true love is that it doesn't matter if you are young or old. As soon as you find it, you just know that your soul has found its match. That's gnot to say that two soul mates are identical. They simply complete each other. Together they are able to maintain their youthfulness and childish laughter. Side by side, they are at peace and very comfortable with their future. If they see a photo of themselves, they can't help but smile and say "Look at us!" That says a lot. That says it all.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Harmoniously Tangled

Meet Harmoni. With her own gnomelings growing up and leaving the gnest, she has recently found herself wondering who she was and how she was going to spend her time. Spend even a moment with her, and you'll know the answer to at least one of those two questions. Harmoni is a beautiful soul who tries to make the garden a prettier place with her kind and supportive friendship. As for what she will do with her time? It turns out that she recently found a love in with the art of wire working. There is something beautiful about a silver wire tangled harmoniously into a beautiful piece of art. Harmoni just adores weaving and looping wire upon itself! It's so much fun and the look on a gnome's face when they see the unique creations she is able to come up with makes it all the more worthwhile. Now she is determined to make a creation that really sets Harmoniously Tangled apart. Personally, I think she has already done it, don't you?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Surly the Coffee Addict

Dwarfs have it so good. Sure they have a job to do, but I hardly call it "work" if they are able to whistle the whole day through! Personally, I think they're almost TOO content in their daily work. It's just gnot right. Gnomes, on the other hand, aren't always quite as content in their work as dwarves are. They would much rather be outside enjoying the warm sun beams or gnice gnap in the shade. Poor Surly. Sadly he lives most of the daylight hours stuck in a drab 8" x 8" cubicle. To make sure his day goes by quicker, he has developed a strong addiction to coffee. It's that first cup of black liquid caffeine that jolts Surly into action. Without it, I'm sure his calculations and programming would be a wee off. On the weekends, though, Surly does not gneed even a drop of coffee to get up and go do whatever it is that strikes his tiny fancy. Be it hiking in the woods, fishing in the stream, skiing down a mole hill or even simply spending time with loved gnomes. It's all good. Life is good. And then there is Monday...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around

By gnow it should come as gno surprise that there is one thing that makes a gnome's eyes sparkle more than any else. They LOVE to do gnice things for the gnomes they meet in the garden. I might be wrong, but I think they may have even invented the concept of "random acts of kindness." Even if they didn't, though, it certainly fits their personalities. Though all gnomes love bringing smiles to the faces of young and old, this young gnomette takes it even one step further. When she met Itsy, she did not think about her fear of spiders. Instead, she focused on the fact that in front of her was a lonely soul who looked like he could use a friend. It may have required stepping a bit out of her comfort zone, but this tiny gnomette with such a big heart, did not hesitate to volunteer some help. And gnow look what it has gotten her! A gnew friendship, which is often the best thing about performing an act of kindness.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Laughs Please

Spend any time with this little fella and you're sure to be laughing in gno time at all. He's such a funny little clown who always tries to put a smile on anygnome's face. Sometimes I wonder how he can make it look so easy. It seems that he doesn't even have to try. Silly words flow from his mouth so gnaturally that you wonder if he just has a laugh machine somewhere inside his little tummy. When he's gnot saying something super silly, he's looking for other ways to make the garden a little more goofy. A funky walk or a silly face can almost always do the trick. He knows that the more laughter in the garden, the brighter it becomes. Even a pinch of giggles can help brighten anygnome's day and he has plenty of laughter to go around. The laugh is on him and he's more than happy to play the part.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Phantom of the Gnompera

This little fella loves gnothing more than gnights out, having dinner and sharing a good story with friends and loved ones. So what do gnomes do when they leave their little corner of the garden and head to the big courtyard for a gnight out? Well, of course they check out what is playing on the terrace! Tonight this tiny soul is so excited for he has the lead in one of the longest running terrace plays, Phantom of the Gnompera. It's a typical story about how the Phantom loves another gnome from afar as she makes her debut on the Big Terrace, yet her love belongs to another soul. Oh there is gnothing better than a good love story and considering how much this fella loves to put smiles on faces or tears in eyes, it's gno wonder he loves a good performance!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

In Touch with Gnature

Oh what a special young gnomette this is! From even a young age, you could tell that she seemed quite in tune with the gnature surrounding her. Gnot only has she alwasy been comfortable with gnomes in their own skin, but she has also always shown an interest in the magical powers of the crystals lying around the garden floor. This gnomette has such a loving gnature that it comes as gno surprise that she wants to apply that magic towards all aspects of the cycle of life, especially the first stages. Can you imagine? If she combines her loving tender gnature with her knowledge of crystal powers, I'm sure she'd be able to provide a sense of tranquility to any of life's chaotic adventures. With souls like hers, it's gno wonder that the gnomes make it look so easy to stay relaxed. She understands that there is power in letting go and allowing your tiny body do what it knows best.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

When I Grow Up

What do you want to be when you grow up? I don't know about you, but I still haven't decided myself. Gnot this little fella! Even at such a young age, this little gnomeling knows exactly what he wants to be. A rock star! And gnot just any rock star - he wants to play the guitar! There is gno better way to release the wiggles that might be building up inside your tiny body than to play a bit of loud music. At least I'm sure that's what he would tell you. This young gnomeling is so full of energy and is always running around tackling the slugs in the garden and jumping off the garden wall or climbing the sunflower stalks just to see how high he can get. If there is one gnome who knows how to release built up energy, it's him I'm sure. Gnot many gnomes have what it takes to be a rock star, but from what I've seen he has the energy and enthusiasm that it takes. I doubt there is anything he couldn't do with that sort of spark for life.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Gnectar Sucking Vampire

Garden vampires are different than the ones you read about in books. They are solitary creatures who feed off of the flowers. Oh, please do gnot be concerned for the flowers. It turns out that the best garden vampires, like this one, try their best to gnot harm the beautiful blossoms. They only take as much gnectar as they need to maintain a healthy life and then continue to hide out in the corner of the garden until they are hungry again. How else would you suggest the flowers get cleansed of any minute traces of pollutants? She can be timid at times, but she loves to help other gnomes and tries to think of ways to do so without being gnoticed. Though she is quite a shy, very laid back creature, this garden vampire still yearns for the day where she, too, can find her love. Surely even the misunderstood garden creatures have a soul mate somewhere? I'd like to believe so!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Caped Gardener

If one day you were to meet this young gnome in the garden, you'd think he was quite a laid back gnomeling. He's got such a gentle gnature to him and is so easy to get along with. He loves to play his games and build grand items with small building blocks. You'd think he was a pretty gnomazing gnome, but you would have no idea just HOW gnomazing he can be. It might take you by surprise what this gnomeling really loves to do. By gnight, he transforms into the Caped Gardener, always searching for ways to help others in gneed. The "Dark Knome" is what the gnome community calls him, for they do gnot know his true identity. So, yes, it might surprise you to know that this quiet gnomeling loves to venture out in disguise to help others anyway he can, but then again, perhaps it is gno surprise at all. He has always been that way.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jingle Bells

Gno-one celebrates the holiday season as well as those in the gnome community. Their celebrations may be itty bitty by most standards, but gnomes understand that it's not the size of the decorations that matters the most, it's the size of the cheer! They know that as long as they are warm and cozy (a good snuggle or hot thimble of cocoa often helps), then everything else falls into place! The mistletoe and holly decorate the garden, but it's being with loved ones that really fills each gnome with a warm and fuzzy feeling. And you know they LOVE warm and fuzzy! The moment that everygnome looks forward to with the most anticipation is midnight, when each and every gnome carries his bell to join in the annual performance of Jingle Bells! It's such a glorious sound (not to mention a wonderous sight), I can't imagine a better way to bring in the holiday cheer.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It never ceases to amaze me the strength that some gnomes have. Some gnomes live so much bigger than their bodies let them and they are so strong for it. There is one gnomette who is particularly gnomazing when it comes to turning a challenge into a beautiful opportunity. She always seems so rooted in what is important in life. Take a look at what she has done with the wind that comes her way! Why she has turned that wind into a sing-songy Breeze. Listen closely and you can hear the leaves in her tree play the most gentle, yet inspiring tune. Such a beautiful soul she is, one who gnomes run to for a bit of shade and comfort. Young and old, they all adore her gift of comfort and friendship.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sweetly Twisted

Most gnomes in the community focus their attention on the abundance of life in the garden, which comes as gno surprise. After all, it's easy to see the beauty in life. This sweetly twisted gnomette, though, is gnot like all the others. She has always liked things a little edgy and is able to see beauty in the completion of the life cycle. Gnaturally, it's her job to tend to the plants and flowers that die in the garden. It's such an important job because all flowers die every year and if somegnome did gnot take care of them, they would gnot be able to return to bloom in the spring. It goes without saying that gnot all gnomes understand her fascination, but that does gnot matter much to her. She understands better than most that the true enchantment of the garden comes from the completion of life's cycle and she is honored to play such an important role in that gnomazing cycle.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Honorary Band Member

I'm sure you know how it goes. Everygnome has that one band that they absolutely adore. Their music just strikes a cord in your soul. In many ways, it's different for everygnome because every band is as unique as every soul. Gno matter what kind of music calls to your heart, though, some things remain the same. The band's passion in their words can be felt in your soul, almost as though it's your sorrow they are singing about. Your heart seems to beat in time with the drums as though they are one. And of course, it goes without saying, everygnome would love to actually meet the band, let alone be part of it. So look what the Black Veil Beetles have done! They have actually sent an honorary band member to meet their biggest fan! Don't believe me? I have to admit, I hardly believe myself. Let's ask him. I'm sure he's legit.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Guardian for a Princess

Once upon a time there lived a little princess. She was quite a girly little gnomeling, and very spoiled by love and affection. Most of the time, being spoiled is gnot exactly a good thing, but she is the exception to the rule. She may be spoiled, but she doesn't keep all the love for herself. Instead, she loves to pass the cuddles at every oppotunity she can find. She gives heaps of huggles and kisses everyday to everygnome around her. As soon as the sun rises even all garden creatures, furry or slimy, look forward to her tiny signs of affection. What a shame it would be if she ever grows out of that, as the garden gneeds more souls like her. It's for this very reason that the gnome community has decided to send a guardian to watch over her. Perhaps her little guardian can keep a look out for ways to keep her love for huggles as strong as it is today. Personally, I have gno doubt that the little gnomeling will grow to be just as loving as she is right gnow.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Vincent van Gnome

Have you ever known a soul whose beauty seems to radiate into the garden around him? Wee little Vincent van Gnome has just that effect on everything surrounding him. It seems that Vincent is always trying to come up with ways to make his garden prettier. Though he's humble and would say he only paints what he sees, I think the leaves can't help but try to be a little greener after he paints them. The flowers try to stand a little taller and be just a little bolder. The sun is always more willing to shine brighter when the artist is working his magic. And so it goes... he ever so subtly encourages the garden to be a more beautiful place and yet for some reason he gnever seems to think his work can capture the beauty just right.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Little Blue

If you had asked me before the changing of the seasons about the rare blue apple witch gnome I would have looked at you in confusion. Yet look at this little blue! Right before your eyes stands the most unique gnome I think I have ever met in the garden. Is she a blue gnome, an apple or a witch? Yes to all the above. She's an old fashioned little witch who loves books, bears, writing and green tea, but get a cup of coffee close to her and she starts to tremble with fear. She may gnot be gnormal but she certainly is magical and reminds those around her that magic exists everywhere. Countless seasons ago, Little Blue fell in love with a completely unmagical gnome. She just fell in love and did everything to show him how love should look like... it should look like the color blue, of course. As time passes, he is always so thankful for the magic that she has brought into their garden. Some of it has even rubbed off on him as he gnow loves a gnew color... blue.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Keeper of the Sweets

This sweet little thing may very well have the best job in the entire garden. He is in charge of candy maintenance. Whether it be gum drops, peppermints, hard candies, soft candies, lollipops or even an occasional lemon drop and pixie stick, he keeps a strict record of sugar management within the gnome community. Divvying out just the right amount of sweet treats is not an easy feat. Most gnomes would jump in and eat every piece of candy or cookie crumb if they had the chance. That's why his job is so important. He always seems to know just the right amount of sugar for any occasion, and he has a talent for picking out the perfect type of candy if a gnome gneeds a bit of cheer from a particularly gloomy day. Need a sprinkle or two of joy? I'm sure he has one or two in his stash.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wee Messenger

Everygnome in the garden has a very important task, but it's the angel gnomes that are particularly special. Some of them may keep away bad dreams, others may teach one how to be big when your body seems so little. It seems that the tasks are as varied as the gnomes themselves. Just look at how pretty this guardian is! She loves to carry pink carnations by her side because she knows they have a way of cheering a gnome up. And it looks as though those very flowers are going to come in handy because she has a gnew assignment! She has a very important message to deliver to a very special soul. It's a message of love and comfort from a Mum who seems so far away. Oh how exciting! She just loves to deliver those types of messages. She flutters on her way, thinking up the perfect words to whisper into the loved one's ears. When she arrives, a smile comes to her face. No wonder Mum wanted to send her love from afar - her daughter is an absolutely beautiful soul. This job is going to be so much fun!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wee Gnymph

With beautiful blue eyes like the Caribbean Sea, this tiny gnymph of a gnome flies quickly to any of her loved gnomes in time of gneed. Her special talent is covering them with her love, comfort and words of wisdom whenever words are gneeded. Those who love her the most, have always known her to be the "go to" gnome, as her home and heart have always been open to anygnome in gneed. Whether it be for food, shelter, comfort or just a place to laugh until you cry, this wee gnymph gnever seems far away. It almost seems as though she knows what you gneed even before you do! A loved one may find herself a little lonely in a far away garden and then BAM! At that very moment, there would be a gnote filled with encouragement and love, almost as though she just KNEW. Gno matter how a gnome might search the dictionary through and through, I do gnot think it would be possible to find the words to describe the magic that she has on her family and those around her. For such a fluttering, lively gnome, this gnymph sure knows exactly where to focus her love an energy and it's simply gnot possible for her to be loved any more than she already is.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jingle Bells

Gno-one celebrates the holiday season as well as those in the gnome community. Their celebrations may be itty bitty by most standards, but gnomes understand that it's not the size of the decorations that matters the most, it's the size of the cheer! They know that as long as they are warm and cozy (a good snuggle or hot thimble of cocoa often helps), then everything else falls into place! The mistletoe and holly decorate the garden, but it's being with loved ones that really fills each gnome with a warm and fuzzy feeling. And you know they LOVE warm and fuzzy! The moment that everygnome looks forward to with the most anticipation is midnight, when each and every gnome carries his bell to join in the annual performance of Jingle Bells! It's such a glorious sound (not to mention a wonderous sight), I can't imagine a better way to bring in the holiday cheer.