Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grams' Love

Once upon a garden there lived the most amazing gnome you could ever have known. Though she was an elder gnome, you gnever would have known. She was always so stylish! Whether it be the way she dressed or even the way she carried herself, gno doubt the air around her was filled with such Grace. Well, Grace and the smell of wonderfully freshly baked cupcakes! She was THE best baker in the whole garden! Those lucky enough to have known her were always filled with tasty treats when they visited, and left feeling filled with so much love that they were sure to stay warm and fuzzy all season long. Her loved ones may have been the luckiest souls in the Gnomish community. They were a close Gnomish family, and that pretty much says it all. Gnothing compares to the love of a Gnomish Grams, and I assure you the entire garden is having a terrible time missing her. As such a very important part of so many lives, the garden will gnever be the same without her. Hmmm... wait... what's that? Is that the smell of freshly baked cupcakes? My tummy is filling with that same old warm and fuzzy feeling... Why of course it is! Gno doubt Gram's love will continue to grow in the gnests of the gnext generations and the generations to come. I tell you, there is gnothing more magical than Grams' love.

Love Potion #9

One day this snuggle soul came across a peddler of potions selling bottles galore from atop of a small rock. He was selling everything from fairy dust to sparkle sneezes. He even had a bottle of dragon scales sitting next to a bottle of green who-knows-what. However, it was a pink bottle with a big #9 on it that caught her attention. There was no way she was going to let an opportunity like this pass - it was THE Love Potion #9!!! Without hesitation, she exchanged a couple garden pebbles for the pink bottle and hurried on her way. She knew exactly the right gnome to try it on. She had been admiring him from afar and was all giddy with excitement that he would finally love her in return. She was so giddy, in fact, that she tripped over a stone and fell to the ground. The sparkly bottle of love flew into the air and opened, showering pink dust on top of her head. In an instant the garden seemed brighter and she just HAD to smile and do a happy dance. As the twitterpated soul skipped through the garden, she came upon her secret love. And when he saw her carefree love for life, he was hooked too. Hmmm... My guess is that wasn not EXACTLY how the potion is supposed to work its magic, but I'm sure you won't find either of them complaining.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Made With Love

There might not be another soul who understands how important it is to spread the love like this little lady does. She loves to make special and beautiful pieces for her loved ones to share with others in the garden. She enjoys knitting with every ounce of her body. She loves the puzzle of it and she loves to complete fancy projects. The fancier the better. She can't help but do a happy dance when she watches the expression on a loved one's face after they see the impressive finished product. How can one soul as tiny as she create something so beautiful? Her loved ones are baffled. In the end what makes her gift so special is the huge amounts of love that go into each one. Nothing is better than something made with love. Nothing.

The Wee Pawn

As a mere pawn, it's easy to overlook this little soul and assume he's not worth as much as some others who have greater distinction and the titles to match. Don't let his small simple size fool you! This tiny soul is much bigger than his body appears to be. He understands that life in the garden is a game of strategy, and he loves all games! He is seriously obsessed with becoming the best player possible. He loves to think of strategies and how to creatively apply the rules to create the outcomes he wants the most. Sure there will always be challenges and countermoves that other players will make, but that's part of the fun. He LOVES to talk about all the weird little rules of the game and how best to respond with a wee bit of strategic surprise. He may be just a tiny pawn now, but I assure you that he has the potential to be promoted to any piece he desires to be. No doubt he's thinking his plan of attack this very moment.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Guardian of the Strawberry Patch

It's no secret that strawberries are delicious, but the ones that are grown by gnomes are particularly sweet and juicy. So it should come as no surprise that the town council voted unanimously the strawberry patch needs to be protected. Not just anygnome can qualify for such an important job. We need a master of the mind, a master of disguise, a master of all things green... who better to protect the patch than a master gardener?! Now that the strawberries are safe, the gnome colony has no worries about having enough berries for their upcoming strawberry festival. It's one of the best events of the year!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Keeper of the Robin's Eggs

I know a fuzzy gnome whose soul is bigger than big. She happens to take the Golden Rule to heart more than anygnome else I know. Perhaps you've heard of it? Do unto others as you'd have done unto yourself. This Golden Rule can be traced back to ancient Gnomish times, and it remains just as important today as it did oh so many seasons ago. Everygnome in the community prides themselves in living their lives according to this rule, but this little lady takes it a step further. She has decided to use her kindness to look after those even smaller than herself. It can be quite a challenge for somegnome so small to find a soul even smaller, but she has her heart set on the robins. Or perhaps I should say, the robin's eggs. With every ounce in her tiny body, she musters up the courage to protect the defenseless eggs as they sleep peacefully in their gnest. She assures that they feel as warm as can be, without a care or worry. Such a cute little thing, I'd say she has shown the garden around her that even the smallest of souls can make the biggest difference.

The Pumpkin King

In a hidden corner of the garden, there lives a small group of gnomes whose jobs were to help plan for gnext year's Halloween season. This is gno ordinary job, for it takes a great deal of organization mixed in with a great deal of fun. Finding the balance between light-hearted tricks with just a bit of scare to them is gnot something many can do, and where to draw that line is almost always a source of debate amongst those in the Gnomish community. It is for this reason that they elected a Pumpkin King. This creepy little soul knows just the perfect balance between tricks and treats. And his ideas are marvelous, if I do say so myself! Accompanied by his sidekick ghost of a dog, he is able to make every Halloween just a bit scarier than the last. It doesn't take long to realize that could spell trouble. As I mentioned before, it can be so easy to cross over that line. Luckily, the Pumpkin King has a secret to his magic. It's his Love. She keeps him balanced and grounded. Together the three of them create a level of Halloween magic that Gnomes from across the garden look forward to with anxious anticipation all year long.

Without a doubt, these two were inspired by the movie Nightmare Before Christmas.