Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bitsy Ross

This bitsy soul has so much potential, it’s gno wonder she was given such an important task. Create the first flag to represent the 13 original Gnomish colonies, united into one community? Oh my! Do you think she can handle such a big responsibility? Of course she can! Like many gnomes, she is so much bigger than first appearances may indicate. Quickly she gets straight to work – surely such a task will take lots of time! But to everygnome’s suprise, she is even quick to cut out a 5-pointed star with a single snip! 13 stripes to represent the colonies, each pure yet hardy in their own way, and blue to represent perseverance and justice… She’s gnearly finished. Add 13 stars and BAM! She gnow has a flag that is sure to inspire gnomes young and old to reach for the stars and achieve great things. After all, isn’t that what being a gnome is all about?

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