Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Follow Me

It doesn't take long for somegnome to realize how incredible this young gnomeling is. While you may think she's still quite young, I am certain many gnomes in the community think she's off to a good start. It seems as though she has all the qualities that everygnome strives to obtain. She is energetic and loves to spend a day in the sunshine. She is quite smart and loves to learn how everything in the garden works. She has the kindest soul - even the ladybugs can't help but stay by her side! I can't blame them, though, because I have gnever known her to say anything other than gnice words of support and encouragement. This is gnot always an easy thing to do for somegnome as young as she because quite often young ones let their excitement get the best of them, only to forget about being excited for others too. It's gno wonder that so many gnomes love being around her! Somegnome as kind and supportive as she, I think she might be a gnatural born leader! Someday this gnome is going to go far, and if she wants company along her journey, I'm sure she'll have gno problem asking volunteers to "Follow Me!"


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I can honestly say that each time I visit your lovely blog I keep finding more and more gorgeous gnomes to add to my favotires list. They are all soooooooooo cute and loveable. I think my all time favourite so far, is Believe In Unicorns. But she only just pips loads of others by a whisker.
    Thanks for sharing all these 'Darlings' with us.
    Warmest best wishes

  2. And I can honestly say that very few people have read through as many stories as you! Thank you!