Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love Potion #9

One day this snuggle soul came across a peddler of potions selling bottles galore from atop of a small rock. He was selling everything from fairy dust to sparkle sneezes. He even had a bottle of dragon scales sitting next to a bottle of green who-knows-what. However, it was a pink bottle with a big #9 on it that caught her attention. There was no way she was going to let an opportunity like this pass - it was THE Love Potion #9!!! Without hesitation, she exchanged a couple garden pebbles for the pink bottle and hurried on her way. She knew exactly the right gnome to try it on. She had been admiring him from afar and was all giddy with excitement that he would finally love her in return. She was so giddy, in fact, that she tripped over a stone and fell to the ground. The sparkly bottle of love flew into the air and opened, showering pink dust on top of her head. In an instant the garden seemed brighter and she just HAD to smile and do a happy dance. As the twitterpated soul skipped through the garden, she came upon her secret love. And when he saw her carefree love for life, he was hooked too. Hmmm... My guess is that wasn not EXACTLY how the potion is supposed to work its magic, but I'm sure you won't find either of them complaining.

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  1. Absolutely adorable! You are a true artist and writer! Keep up the great work. I'm going to follow your blog and find you on Facebook!