Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Hero

This tall fella (by gnome standards) is head over heals for his Love, and why wouldn't he be? He has fallen for one of the most generous souls I know. In fact, he has fallen so hard, you would have thought he had tripped over a bottle of love potion or something. He knows he has found something good and tries to think of tiny ways in which he can remind her of his love every day. It almost seems as though he thinks of her happiness and safety with every thing he does, and I wouldn't be one bit surprised if he did just that. Gnot long ago he was on the floating down the gnearby stream with his love when a few large stones knocked her off their leaf. It didn't take her long to rush to shore, but oh my gnomes did it scare him! He did gnot hesitate to grab his Love's face and start kissing it all over, for he had thought he lost her. Gnever again. Though he knows that she tries to keep him laughing, and always tries to make him glad to be home, he spoils her to gno end. She knows it too, for he is her Hero, and the love of her life. She knows this could all be gone when the sun rises, so she doesn't take advantage of him... but she does of life... it's good!

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  1. Gniff!!! I love it!! It brought tears to my eyes!!! Thank you so much!! <3