Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dragon Heart

It's hard to say why this little lady likes dragons so much. Perhaps she just loves their wings? A creature that can fly is magical in itself as she has always wished to fly. It must feel soooo wonderful! She loves all types of dragons. Some are powerful and some are more friendly. Many dragons act as a guardian - the possibilities are endless, as it really only depends on the limits of your imagination. And everygnome knows this lady has a gnometastic imagination. Maybe it's simply because dragons are mythical and as a mythical gnome herself, she likes all mythical and magical things. She always has. Ever since being a young gnomeling, she has wanted to have a dragon of her own! You can imagine her excitement when she stumbled across a baby dragon in the woods one day. However, she quickly learned that nognome can OWN such magical creatures. I suppose she'll have to settle for a special friendship with her dragon instead. Oh how lucky she is to have a dragon heart that gives her such a bond with the grand souls!

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  1. Thanks for sharing another one of your 'Darlings' the colours are gorgeous and her timid little face is adorable too.
    warmest best wishes,