Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Silly Little Monkey

You wouldn't know by looking at him, but this silly little monkey is a little shy. He has always been a gentle, not a boisterous soul. He is a deep thinker, and always seems to be taking in the garden around him to understand it better. He gets along with most anygnome and he absolutely LOVES to make others laugh. He thinks of himself as quite the funny man. Quite honestly, he has an insane sense of humor and his family likes to be very silly in their gnest, laughing at made up words shouted randomly. He loves it when his Mum speaks a little Gnymph-ese to him too, which is quite silly since she doesn't really speak Gnymph-ese at all. Hmm... Perhaps it's her fault he's a little gnuts. Gno matter what he's doing, this silly little monkey seems to have a gnack for bringing lots of little giggles into his home. He is the light of the garden, and his loved ones are so blessed to have him - silliness and all.


  1. My silly little monkey is going to go bananas when he sees his Gnome,.. Great job, brilliant :) xxx

  2. You have done another fabulous job with your creation of this little fella. I love his expression and the gorgeous adornments you have chosen for him.
    Thanks for letting us meet such a cutie. I'm sure that he'll be loved by his new owner.
    Warmest best wishes,