Monday, January 2, 2012

Gno Time to Waste

If this little fella isn't busy getting dirty in the sand pit, then most likely you can find him soaking wet in the splash pool. Whatever it is he's doing, he knows how to have fun. He loves playing with cars and trucks because they make gnometastic VROOM sounds. And trains! Don't forget the trains! CHOO CHOO! It's quite apparent that his life is full of imagination and energy. How fun! Quite a social little fella, he loves to meet friends and visit other gnomes in the community. He seems to have so much fun having adventures that he makes it look easy, but if he does gneed a moment to take a tiny rest, then he is ready to give his Mummy a big hug and kiss. He does this often as it's just the perfect thing to refill his energy so he can go outside and play some more. Perhaps this time he'll have an adventure with his big sister, his best friend and most favoritest gnomette in the whole garden! There are so many adventures left to be had... there's gno time to waste!

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