Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lion's Heart

What a brave little soul we have here! He loves to have adventures outside, exploring the sandbox desert or climbing a tree or two, but that's not where his true bravery stands out. He knows it is ok to be different, and between you and me, I think that takes more courage than just about anything else. This little one feels and sees more than most gnomes can, and sometimes he could just use somegnome to share his thoughts with. He gneeds somegnome who will believe everything he says, gno matter how mystical it might seem. Do you think you could be his special friend? You can share stories with one another and tell each other anything... anything at all! If you're upset about something, you could give him a little squeeze (don't worry, he's a tough little gnomeling so it won't hurt). I'll tell you a secret. I happen to know that this little gnomeling loves to watch over his friends and keep them safe. He loves to go on adventures with his special gnomey friends during the day and sleep under their pillows at gnight. He has the heart of a lion, just like you! What do you think? Would you like to be his special gnomey friend?


  1. love him love him love him and im getting him my son is getting him

  2. He's amazing. The lion's head on his side is beautiful. I'm sure that the little boy who is soon to be owning him will be delighted.
    Warmest best wishes,