Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tiny Flame

The garden gneeds more souls like this one. For such a small thing, she sure does have a spark for life. It seems that she is always looking around her garden, and even beyond the garden walls, for ways to bring more smiles to other gnomes' faces. She is always anxious to bring magic to the lives of gnomelings who gneed something to smile about, yet she is perfectly content to wait her place in line for any magic to be returned to her. It's that spark for life, the flame that burns inside her to make the garden a warmer place, that should be contagious. If everygnome had a warm soul like hers, then the garden would have gno need for hot cocoa! Every soul would be warm enough with their love of life. Personally, I hope her generous gnature spreads like a wild fire. There can gnever be too much warmth in the garden.


  1. What lovely colour combinations and the flowers at the side are super cute too. You stories are so special. Thanks for sharing another treasure.
    Warmest best wishes.

  2. I really love her can't wait till I see her in the felt! Gnomeone is going to take her, she'll not leave my house.
    Thankyou sooo much xx