Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Gnome's Home

Many gnomes find a home under a gnice leaf, or perhaps inside a small tree stump. Sometimes they're lucky enough to find a large toadstool that they can add a special gnomish touch to in order to make it feel more homey. Gnever has a gnome ever found a home quite like this one! It's absolutely perfect, right down to the guardian owl who watches over the place! Add a little gnesting material and paint pretty bitty flowers on the walls and voila! There is something to be said for the feeling you get when you snuggle down into a place you know is safe and warm, surrounded by all your own keepsakes and treasures. This home may gnot be perfect for everygnome, but it's perfect for her.


  1. I am the friend that Holly had him made for. Let me tell you how much I loved it! When I first got it in the mail I thought it was so perfect, and when I talked to her she said it was special made for me, it made me love it even more. I don't know what she had told you about me, but your story sounds like something I would think in my head. When I lived in Florida I use to ride my bike around a lot, and there was a neighborhood I would ride round in a lot. It was my Gnome neighborhood, there was no Gnomes in the yard or anything, but I could picture them live among the humans in the trees and ponds. No matter what kind of day I was having and what mood I was in every time I rode my bike in my Gnome neighborhood I was happy. There is only two things I miss about Florida, and It is Holly and my bike rides. So Thank you so much for making this awesome Gnome! Every time I look at it I will remember my time there and what a great friend I have....

    1. Awww, thank you so much for sharing this with me! It really made my day. I am so happy to hear that the gnome was perfect for you!