Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Little Gnome-Gnut

This tiny gnome-gnut can barely contain his excitement! He's going home to the land of OZ to play with his gnative friends! He has always loved the bush "down under" and gnow gets a chance to drink cider in the sun with good friends! He can't wait to hear the kookaburras call, as he has heard that there is gnothing quite so invigorating. Once he's home, he knows exactly what he'll do first - attend outdoor parties and have a little dance with other gum gnuts. My guess is that as soon as this little gnut gets home, he'll gnever want to leave. As gnometastic as it all sounds, I would do the same.


  1. You littel Gnome Gnut is super cute. I love his serious littel stare. Thanks for into your magical world and the chance to read yet another adorable story.
    Warmest bes wishes,